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224 pages
Jan 2007
Regal Books

Devotional Ventures

by Corey Cleek, editor

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In the Old Testament, the prophets would complain to God that they, alone, were the only ones living righteously for Him.  God would respond that such talk was nonsense, as he did to Elijah when He said there were "thousands who have not bent a knee to Baal."  The sixty devotions written by business executives in Devotional Ventures, as compiled by Corey Cleek, reveal that anyone in 21st century America who feels that he or she is the only voice for God in the business arena is wrong--there are many, many strong Christians in key executive positions who are taking a strong stance for the Lord.

The devotions found here are written by university business professors, marketing executives, company CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and financial managers with some of the largest corporations in the world, including Dell Computers, Coca-Cola Bottling, Kentucky Fried Chicken, State Farm Insurance, and CBS television. What's more, they are well written, showing solid knowledge of the Scriptures and offering pragmatic applications to contemporary life in the marketplace.

My personal favorite devotion is a very humorous, yet realistic, piece called "MBA: Master of Baby Administration," by Shelly Culpepper, former marketing manager with General Motors.  Mrs. Culpepper tells about the dilemma she faced at age 32 when she was holding down a major executive position with a corporation and she found out she was pregnant.  After years of college and graduate school training and working her way to the top, would she give it all up just to stay home and rear her daughter? It was a true struggle, but in the end she and her husband felt motherhood was a full-time calling. They never regretted the decision.

Another superb devotion that makes a simple, yet very powerful point is, "Remember Who You Are and Whom You Represent," by Gary Daichendt, executive vice president of Cisco Systems.  Daichendt reminds us that, unlike in the corporate arena, we don't have to schedule an appointment to see Jesus or try to get on a committee with Him.  He's always available.  Furthermore, He is more important than the board chairman of GM or even the president of the United States; and we not only have access to Him, we represent Him.   Why be intimidated by anyone in business when we represent the One who sets up and disposes of kingdoms?

Each of the 60 devotions begins with a passage of Scripture, concludes with a summary "Point to Ponder," and then presents three "Questions to Consider" related to the topic just covered.  As such, this could be a good book for a couple of months of daily personal devotions, or it could serve as a roundtable discussion starter for Christians gathering for lunch at the workplace.  Highly recommended. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Your work matters to God! But how do you integrate your faith at work?

In Devotional Ventures, Christian business professionals offer 60 engaging devotional insights on how to integrate your faith throughout your personal and professional life. From maintaining personal integrity, defending your faith, persevering through difficult situations, to dealing honestly and fairly with others, each relevant devotional topic directly applies to a challenge encountered in the lives of business professionals.

You'll hear inspiring thoughts on meeting these challenges from business professionals such as Pat Gelsinger, Senior Vice President at Intel; Jon Venverloh, Strategic Partnerships at Google, Katie McNerney, Marketing Manager at eBay and many others.

An appropriate Scripture and questions for application will help you reflect on and apply the truths of each day's devotion. Rather than compartmentalizing your "work life" and "church life," you'll be inspired to surrender all parts of your life fully to the Lord. You'll also be invited to contribute your own devotional writing on the Devotional Ventures website.

Come away with a better understanding of how your whole life matters to God! Learn how your faith can influence every aspect of your professional and personal life, and make you more productive, content and a businessperson of character. Transform your life, your workplace--and the world!