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173 pages
Jan 2007
Regal Books

Going Places With God: A Devotional Journey Through the Lands of the Bible

by Wayne Stiles

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Author Wayne Stiles knows his way around the Holy Land, and he invites readers of his latest book, Going Places With God, to join him on a devotional travelogue. I have been reading the Bible for many years, and I have to say this is one of the first books to force me to pay attention to the significance of the location where biblical events take place.

In the course of ninety days’ worth of devotional readings, you’ll be amazed at how much ground this author covers. The practical insights Stiles shares should come as no surprise, since he currently is on staff at Insight for Living as its executive vice president. From the Garden of Eden to the Garden of Gethsemane, and dozens of other sites, each devotional includes geographical highlights that pertain to the Scripture for the day.

As one who has “never recovered from his journeys to the Holy Land,” Stiles takes every opportunity to work travel tidbits into the text. For example, I’ve always wondered what Jacob’s son, Judah, meant when he “reminded his aging father that they could have gone to Egypt and returned twice in the time it was taking Jacob to surrender Benjamin.” Stiles has done the math for me. “Two round trips from Hebron to Egypt amounted to about 1,000 miles.” Now, I know.

Don’t worry – you won’t get out of breath on this spiritual journey. The author has kindly limited each day’s reading to a single page without compromising the truth of Scripture. After a jaunt through the biblical passage, Stiles invites you to catch your breath with a closing prayer and timely thought for the day.

I recommend this lightweight travel companion to anyone who wants to add depth and dimension to his or her devotional time in the Word of God. – Cheryl Cecil, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Where does God want me to walk?

What path do I take?

These 90 devotional readings, each based on a specific place in the lands of the Bible, invite you to embark on your own spiritual journey. As the spectacular, geographical backdrop unfolds, you’ll gain insights on how the lives of those in the Bible were shaped and influenced by the contours of the places in which they lived. Pertinent Scripture, historical quotes, maps and a daily prayer will help you apply the truths of each devotion to your own journey of faith. Through visiting these exciting places through the pages of this book, you are invited into the greatest adventure of all—reshaping your own life! Discover anew how God wants us to trust in His love, protection and provision for our needs through this devotional armchair travelogue.