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Trade Paperback
256 pages
May 2007
Regal Books

Chasing the Dragon

by Jackie Pullinger

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A Christian catch phrase of fairly recent origin is ‘wild heart.’ It may be recent, but it describes Christians of all centuries. Chasing the Dragon was originally written in 1980, centering around events starting late in the 60s. It tells of a Christian who has followed in the ancient tracks of all those wild-hearted Christians who plunged into what seemed insanity, thereby letting God make great advances.

Jackie Pullinger had only ever been sure of one thing: when God calls, she follows. In her early twenties, she followed Him into the squalor found in Hong Kong’s Walled City, an area of drug addiction, prostitution, murderous gangs, and hopelessness. Fearing the Lord would return before she could do any work for Him, Pullinger left England with a one-way ticket, a small sum of money, and no mission group backing her. She didn’t know where God was calling her, but she managed to stumble into the Walled City via some other dedicated Christians.  She set spiritual fire to the place.

A charismatic Christian, Pullinger witnessed, helped, befriended, loved with Christ’s love, and made mistakes—ineptly on her part, exactly right on God’s. And miracles happened. Drug addicts came to Jesus and were released from their addiction. Gang members and leaders thought Pullinger was crazy, but grew to love her and her Lord. These converts had nowhere to go but back into the Walled City and the opium dens in which they worked and slept. Pullinger and a small coterie of helpers, including some of the converted Walled City people, started the St. Stephen’s Society to help, house, teach, and lead. The many problems, depths of degradation, interference, and totally new ways faced by Pullinger boggle the mind. She solved them all the same way, by looking to the Lord and doing whatever was needed, no matter how weird, wild, or wonderful.

Pullinger follows in the footsteps of some other exciting Christian women. If you’ve read about Chinese missions prior to WWII, you’ve met the some. Most of them were Chinese, some from missionary countries, yet all of them were going out on foot in dangerous places to present the word, to love the people, and to live however the Lord directed. Perhaps you’ve read of Gladys Aylward, The Little Woman, who, with nothing in hand, left England before WWII and went to China to live for her Lord. Gladys Aylward and her more modern sister Jackie Pullinger are both wild hearts for God working among the Chinese peoples.

Chasing the Dragon is an exciting and challenging book. Beware: it is dangerous to your complacent Christian life style. Don’t read it if you don’t want to be set on fire for the Lord and have the use of your spiritual gifts thoroughly challenged. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Inside of Hong Kong lies the infamous Walled City. Strangers are not welcome there. Police hesitate to enter. It is a haven of filth, crime and sin. Prostitution, pornography and drug addiction flourish. Thirthy thousand people-maybe twice that-live in a few cramped, dismal acres. Jackie Pullinger had grown up believing that if she put her trust in God, He would lead her. When she was 20 years old, God called her to the Walled City. She obeyed. And as she spoke of Jesus Christ, brutal hoods were converted, prostitutes retired from their trade, and heroin junkies found new power that freed them from the bondage of drug addiction. Hundreds discovered new life in Christ. Chasing the Dragon tells the whole amazing story-exactly as it happened.