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Trade Paperback
108 pages
Apr 2004
InterVarsity Press

Bored with God

by Sean Dunn

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Bored With God by Sean Dunn is a captivating and compassionate look at the causes and cure for spiritual apathy in the youth of today’s church.  From the opening sentence of the introduction, familiar scenarios draw in the reader.  It is this insight into the lives of church youth that is so valuable.

While Dunn has done an excellent job of identifying the problem of hypocrisy in church youth, as well as some of the its causes and the different forms it takes, he seems to be less specific about its cures.  Admirably, he makes the point in several places that prayer is always the starting place, and he does this in such a way that it is not a mere cliché.  But I was left with a vague dissatisfaction; I wanted him to say more.  His sub-points in each chapter are good, but brief – frequently no more than a paragraph.  He makes appropriate Scripture references, but again, I wished for more clear Biblical applications.  His sections on personalizing Scripture in prayer were some of the most appropriate examples of that practice I have read in some time.  It was not a blanket to “claim every promise of Scripture,” and I was grateful for that.

Bored With God will be a helpful resource for parents and church leaders alike.  Though not exhaustive, it is on the mark in its assessment of much of today’s youth culture. – Pam Glass, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

You know that part of the Old Testament where the priest finds a suspicious sore on your arm and shaves a ring around it? A week later the priest takes another look to see if the skin has gotten better or if the sore has spread. If it's spreading, the priest knows you've got a big problem on your hands.

Like most diseases, apathy surfaces in observable symptoms that are frustrating to its victims and to the people who care for them. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to apathy--and apathy is particularly contagious.

In Bored with God, Sean Dunn catalogs what he's seen of apathy in his ministry to youth. He offers sympathetic guidance from the Scriptures for keeping apathy from spreading and for shepherding students into spiritual hunger.

Teenagers can be frustratingly sleepy in their faith, but once these slumbering giants are awakened to a life with God, they can apply virtually tireless energy to the problems of a world bored with God. And their energy is particularly contagious.