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Trade Paperback
345 pages
Oct 2004
InterVarsity Press

Doing Right: Practicing Ethical Principles

by David W. Gill

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In David Gillís powerful new book, Doing Right, he examines the Ten Commandments and discusses their practical applications today. Asserting great ethics are essentially worthless without the character to act upon them, Gill leads the reader through the seeming labyrinthine maze of commentary about what it means to exercise Christian ethics.

A professor, consultant on ethical principals, and ethics writer, this book is the product of twenty years' labor. Discussing and teaching the topic finally culminate in this ethical treatise, which sheds the spotlight of truth into readerís lives. The book is broken down into two parts, the first being Prepare, the second being Practice. This is a manual to study, savor, and chart your course.

What John Piper is to theology, David Gill is to ethics. The weight of his argument is presented in a scholarly, well-researched, and well-documented way. The footnotes, with their humor and glimpses into the authorís life, serve to encourage laymen on. This is no work to be taken lightly. Such a book as this is meant to be the fodder of prayer and repentance, confession, and discussion. Each chapter closes with questions for review and discussion.

As a homeschooler, this book has earned a hard-won place not only on my bookshelf but also in my curriculum. Any advanced high school or Christian college would benefit from an ethics course using this book as their focus. I highly recommend this book for pastors, laymen, homeschoolers, and Christian schools and universities without reservation. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Doing whatís right has never been more confusing.

The complexities of 21st-century life can be bewildering. We all need a map for negotiating the intricacies of competing priorities and values. What can help us decide what is right and wrong?

David W. Gill finds "Ten Words" that God originally spoke to Israel to be just as pertinent today as they were when Moses first heard them. As Christians what we long for is not damage control, but mission control. The Ten Commandments offer a sound set of ethical principles that takes us beyond mere damage control to mission control, a guide that shows us how we can be proactive in fulfilling our dual purposes of loving God and others.

This rich, scriptural teaching will help Christians from every walk of life--whether engineers, bus drivers, managers, restaurant workers, PTA members, parents, neighborhood volunteers, nurses, teachers, coaches, attorneys, journalists or physicians--fulfill their calling to be salt and light within their own spheres of influence. A must-read book for a chaotic world.