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Trade Paperback
199 pages
Sep 2004
InterVarsity Press

Marriage On Trial: The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting

by Glenn T. Stanton & Dr. Bill Maier

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The case against same-sex marriage and parenting is made by Glenn T. Stanton and Dr. Bill Maier in their book Marriage on Trial. This is a conservative look at the purpose and function of marriage, and why redefining marriage would adversely affect society.

Presented in a question and answer format, which is highly readable, each section contains a “cheat sheet” with the cliff notes of their argument. The three fully-indexed sections are: answering the same-sex marriage proponents; understanding how marriage matters to adults, children and society; and debunking the myths about homosexuality. Mr. Stanton is on staff at Focus on the Family, has authored books on fathering, and is a winner of the Amy Award. Dr. Maier is vice president of Focus on the Family and serves as their psychologist in residence.

With such a writing team, the book is highly readable and except for a slight sarcastic undertone, it is presented quite objectively. The case against same-sex parenting is weak: the authors fail to address the issues of compassion related to the needs of the children who legitimately need a home, some would argue any home, and the lack of heterosexual families willing to take up the cause, rather than just argue the biblical perspective on the cause. The case against redefining marriage and the inherent Pandora’s Box, which would be opened, is quite persuasive indeed.

What the book lacks in compassion on the whole, it seeks to remedy in a conversation with two ex-gays. The authors argue that we need to have compassion at one point, yet the tone and style of rebuttal seemed to sink to the existing standards rather than raise the bar to godly standards. I was not impressed with the debunking section-- it did present the arguments but seemed sterile and detached when I would have preferred compassion. This is a good book on a timely topic. While not my choice for the biblical perspective on homosexuality, it will serve to enlighten many on the subtle nuances of gay marriage. If you are in need of information on same-sex marriage this is a good place to start. – Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

With the debate over same-sex marriage boiling over into court action, civil demonstration and even legislative debates and proposals, you may think you've heard all of the arguments pro and con on this divisive issue.

But what you probably haven't heard are concrete, rational reasons why same-sex marriage is or is not a good idea for individuals and communities. Dr. Bill Maier and Glenn T. Stanton, both experts in the fields of psychology and sociology, offer such reasons. Arguing against same-sex marriage and parenting in Marriage on Trial, they draw on current social science research to offer clear and cogent answers to the questions at the center of the debate, including

  • Is marriage a public or private matter?
  • Can marriage be redefined, legally and socially?
  • How will allowing marriage between homosexuals affect families and communities?
  • How does same-sex parenting affect children?
Helping you sift through the emotion, the rhetoric and the myths, Stanton and Maier provide in this book a compelling counter-argument to those who advocate homosexual marriage and a thought-provoking assessment of the psychological and sociological harm that homosexual marriage (if legalized and legitimized) will do to communities and children.