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124 pages
Jul 2005
InterVarsity Press

The Prayer God Longs For

by James Emery White

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Jesus taught believers a simple prayer that goes straight to the Fatherís heart. James Emery White examines this well-known petition and manages to glean fresh insights. New Christians as well as seasoned prayer warriors will have their hearts blessed and their spirits revived with the authorís gentle words.

In this book, The Lordís Prayer is studied with a simple sincerity. The author looks at each phrase carefully and with an effort to better understand the meaning of these words and how to apply them in todayís world. Although many books have already dealt with this subject, there are some new spiritual discoveries to be made within these pages. The words of Jesus are treated with the reverence and relevance they deserve.

The book is short and the writing style is comfortably informative. This is not a theological treatise on The Lordís Prayer, but is an honest attempt to open up these words for a fuller and more practical comprehension. The authorís sympathy with the frustrations and uncertainties of prayer are evident. In fact, he has devoted an entire chapter to ďOur Struggle with Unanswered PrayerĒ.

Through the use of Scripture, appropriate quotes, and personal experiences, readers will sense the will of God in this vital issue. As the author states: ďSo prayer is not simply a matter of words but also relationship.Ē Itís this complex, yet comforting thought that permeates these pages. This precious little book elevates God, enlightens believers and encourages us all to persevere in this blessed communication.

The Prayer God Longs For comes from the heart, mind, and soul of a spiritually perceptive author. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

"What does God want from me?"

You might ask it in frustration or in devotion, but, whatever your approach, it's a question that has crossed the lips of men and women from every generation throughout human history.

What if God gave you an answer?

James Emery White guides you through the Lord's Prayer in search of what God longs for in his relationship with you. As profound as it is simple, this prayer of Jesus is what God longs for: a divine-human dialogue that transforms you on earth and prepares you for heaven.