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Trade Paperback
222 pages
Sep 2007
InterVarsity Press

Praying the Psalms of Jesus

by James W. Sire

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Tying Old and New Testament together in joyous proclamation of our Lord, Praying the Psalms of Jesus makes appealing, challenging food for Christian group and/or individual study. In the Gospels are examples of Jesus expressing His deep thoughts via the Psalms; and in the Psalms are pictures of Christ Jesus. As we work through the Psalms presented in this book we receive relaxation (into our Lord) and stimulation (moving towards our Lord). Nine different Psalms lead us to consider such subjects as: Jesus abandoned and exalted; the stone rejected by the builders; Jesus riding upon the storm; our Shepherd; and, His anger. Each Psalm is approached from several facets. These depend on the Psalm itself. For example, the chapter on Psalm 110 begins with a general discussion and then considers Jesusí interpretation, Davidís interpretation, the early churchís view, and our relation to it. This volume finishes with useful summary materials: epilogue, leadersí aids, and index.

Praying the Psalms of Jesus directs the Christian mind and heart in several directions depending upon the particular needs of the reader - such as prayer, devotion, worship, spiritual growth, and increased Bible knowledge. While many of the ideas demand deep thought, the narrative is clear and uncomplicated, presented by an author who obviously has great affection for the Psalms. I found spiritual growth in the reading of this book; and, especially enjoyed following the directions in each chapter for using the Psalm for confession, praise, and worship. -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

At key moments in his life on earth, Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, turned to the Psalms for words to express his deepest thoughts and emotions. It is not hard to imagine Jesus, his mind and heart saturated with the words and thoughts of the Psalms as they were prayed aloud in the Temple, going off early in the morning to pray. How much must he have mouthed the words of the Psalms and given them a fulfillment? They became his answering speech to his heavenly Father.

In these pages you will discover how the psalms that relate closely to the mission of Jesus can also become our answering speech. We will begin our journey into the mind of Christ by immersing ourselves in several psalms which Jesus himself refers to and fulfills. And then in the second half of the book, we will immerse ourselves in psalms that Jesus would have meditated on during his time on earth, focusing on the heart and mind of Jesus as he prayed the psalms. Structural analysis of each psalm will help us grow our ability to read the Psalms. The guided personal prayer liturgy with each chapter will help us go deeper in the experience of praying the Psalms.

Through these psalms we will discover more of the human life of our Lord and Savior. And in the process we will discover more of who we are as we come before our holy God.

Also included: a group discussion and prayer experience to accompany each chapter.