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Trade Paperback
132 pages
Mar 2007
InterVarsity Press

Getting Your Feet Dirty: A Down-to-Earth Look at Following Jesus

by Don Everts

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Don Everts seems fascinated with dirt and filth. Previously he has written books titled Jesus With Dirty Feet and The Smell of Sin. Now along comes his latest book, Getting Your Feet Dirty. But Everts’ works are not about hygiene. Rather, they are thought-provoking looks at the life and teachings of Jesus and their effects on the dirtiest of all topics – sin.

Everts’ books have the ability to engage both Christian and non-Christian readers. He presents glimpses of Jesus and slices of His life that demonstrate the many facets of Jesus’ personality and ministry. Christians get a fuller picture of their loving Savior while non-Christians become drawn to this compassionate and righteous stranger.

In Getting Your Feet Dirty, Everts’ target audience is new believers and those who are not quite sure if this ‘following Jesus’ idea is for them. He uses Acts 2 to walk his readers through some basic concepts of Christianity. Everts avoids using Christian lingo that would be foreign to new believers, while providing many examples and references that can be easily understood by those with limited or no Christian background. He masterfully breaks down each concept while presenting an honest, straight-forward depiction of the joys and challenges of following Christ.

With its no-nonsense approach and thorough presentation of the Christian walk, Getting Your Feet Dirty is an exceptional evangelistic tool. Its compact size will not be intimidating to those who don’t consider themselves readers, and Everts’ casual, friend-to-friend style leads the reader instead of pushing. He concludes with a brief section of discussion and evaluation questions aimed at the church and mature Christians wanting to help encourage new converts and evangelize non-believers. – Jeff Friend, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

On one momentous day two thousand years ago, all at once, three thousand people decided to follow Jesus.

What was all that about? What were they getting themselves into? What is it like to follow Jesus--then and now?

Don Everts paints a picture of following Jesus by looking at the experiences of the earliest Christians. He recounts what happened, what they believed, what they did next and what it all might mean for us today.

Becoming a follower of Jesus can be as dramatic as welcoming a newborn baby. Discover here the wonder of birth and the joy of being alive in Christ.