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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Feb 2010
Beacon Hill Press

Faith Intersections: Christians Listen to...a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Scientologist, a Mormon, and Others

by Matt Zimmer

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Faith Intersections, compiled by Matt Zimmer, is a compendium of conversations between Christians and people of other faiths. The book seeks to portray average inter-faith discussions, both to shed light on the practical workings of other faiths and to encourage more natural inter-faith dialogue. Above all, the book advocates the simple act of listening to other people, and it gives readers a chance to practice by reading the interviews contained in the book.

This book has been created by a group of contributors. Each writer is an average Christian, not an esteemed theologian, who engages with someone of a different faith and simply discusses various beliefs. The people they listen to include a former Christian, a Mormon, a rabbi, a humanist, an atheist, a Scientologist, a Muslim, and a Buddhist.

Each chapter unfolds with a description of how the writer got to know his or her friend from another faith. Next, readers get a transcript of a back and forth conversation between the two individuals. For the most part, the writer listens while his or her friend does most of the talking. Through this, readers get a valuable window into how other people think and how they express themselves in a casual setting.

This book is an eye-opening resource that can provide new perspectives for Christians, but it is a limited tool. It is not intended as, nor does it function as, a cookie-cutter model for inter-faith conversations. Rather, it gives readers a taste of what genuine dialogue can be like if Christians will just relax and listen to others. Thus, Faith Intersections is an excellent book for folks who wants to expand their witnessing skills, as long as they take this book for what it is—a taste. – Aaron Johnson,

Book Jacket:

An extrovert will make friends when in line buying coffee. A shared love of warm beverages becomes the topic at hand, and then maybe a few day-to-day pleasantries are exchanged as well. But, what if that person standing behind you asks about the sticky subjects in your life—faith, belief systems, morals, politics, or the Church? What do you say? How do you talk to someone without giving a sermon on the rights and wrongs of your own faith?

Faith Intersections brings to light the idea of listening—rather than talking—to your friends, neighbors, and even the strangers in line about their faiths. Formatted in interview style, each chapter is a listening opportunity as a Christian leader interviews a person of another faith.

With honest exploration, Faith Intersections provides the readers—the listeners—with a challenge to rethink how they converse with individuals of other faiths.