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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Jan 2006

The Plainsman

by Lori Copeland

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The Plainsman by Lori Copeland is the fourth of the Men of the Saddle series, and is set in the year 1865. The war has ended and Trey McAllister is on his way back home to beautiful Kansas by way of soggy Louisiana. When he arrives at Sassy Gap, population 8 1/2, he sees women struggling to put out a building fire. Trey stops to help and finds himself drawn into their fight against a wealthy landowner named Jean-Marc Portier. Portier wants his widowed daughter, Mirelle, to return to his home and will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.

Trey tries to leave--after all it's not his problem--but God has other plans. Trey's conscience brings him back, and in between dodging all the women flirting with him, he manages to help them do repairs and take a stand against Portier.

But beautiful Mirelle's attitude towards her father bothers Trey; her hatred is making her a bitter person. He never knew his parents and can't imagine not wanting that relationship, consequently Trey urges her to forgive her father even if she can't peacefully settle their differences. But her hurt goes deeper than he realizes: she wants revenge.

The Plainsman is romance fiction at its best. Copeland draws the reader in from the start with her stage-setting and descriptive conversations. In the midst of problems, there is humor as her characters handle their situations. She has a way of presenting her them so that they become as recognizable as friends off the street.

Best of all, Copeland portrays the hurt of bitterness and the joy of forgiveness within a heartwarming story. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Trey McAllister is on his way home to Tyrone, Kansas, after three years away fighting in the Union Army. Trey is riding past Sassy Gap, Louisiana, when he sees a fire blazing out of control. He stops to help and discovers that the entire town is made up of eight women who live together and run a funeral parlor. Mire Dupree instantly catches his attention. Trey soon discovers that Mire's tyrant father is the one harassing the women of the town. Loving Mire could ruin Trey's life, but he just can't help himself. Through determination and true love, Trey and Mire face their hardships together as they struggle to make a life in the Old West.