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Trade Paperback
368 pages
Mar 2006

The Affectionate Adversary

by Catherine Palmer

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Charles Locke was about to fulfill his father’s dream -- to begin a tea trading company based on the wealth the elder Locke had acquired during a life of service as a steward. A pirate attack smashes that dream to bits.

Sarah Carlyle wants nothing more than to be rid of her family’s ill-gotten wealth. On the journey home from dispersing some of her money to various missions, her ship comes across an attacked vessel. As she cares for the injured men, a friendship forms between herself and one heartbroken over his loss - Charles Locke. But her ideals clash with his ambition, and Sarah knows she could never marry a man whose goals in life were to earn money and build a trade empire for his descendants.

Upon returning to England without money, tea, or the woman he loves, Charles finds his father still determined to begin a company, this time with the help of a sponsor. Charles mingles among the rich to find someone willing to help, and his path crosses with Sarah’s as he learns of her wealth and status as Lady Delacroix. With such radically different lives and goals, it’s impossible for them to be together, right?

Written in the style of Jane Austen, Palmer’s new Regency series is off to a promising start with The Affectionate Adversary. Manners and etiquette mask deep emotions and strong characterization. The rambling story may frustrate a few plot-driven readers despite its numerous twists, but Austen fans will enjoy the style and tongue-in-cheek allusions. The theme ties the novel together with thought-provoking quandaries. Recommended for women. – Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

She is determined to be rid of her fortune. He is driven to gain the riches he’s always dreamed of.

Bound by love . . . torn by wealth . . . their hearts must pay the price of true devotion.

All of high society is abuzz with the arrival of the man who miraculously survived a pirate attack at sea. Little do they know that more than riches were stolen that fateful day. For it was then that Sarah Carlyle stole Charles Locke’s heart.

But now that they are safely back at home in England, they discover that perhaps love is not strong enough to hold their lives together. And was it ever truly love anyway? Perhaps Charles was only after Sarah’s wealth.

Society tattler Miss Pickworth has a thing or two to say about that. But as she entertains the elite with the latest gossip, Sarah and Charles must search their hearts and choose between their passions and their ambitions. . . .