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350 pages
Mar 2004
Tyndale House Publishers

Discover the Book God Wrote

by Bill Bright

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Discover The Book God Wrote, by Bill Bright, is a book that shares easy ways to make ‘the Bible the Book of your life’. Bright addresses the issue of many Christians not being able, or not feeling adequate to study the Bible on their own and understand it. His purpose in writing this book is to give readers a start in reading and studying the Bible on the their own.

“Bright believes that with the ability to study the Bible ‘you will be able to transform your own life -- with the help of the Holy Spirit’. Dr. Bill Bright was founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC), the world's largest ministry. CCC is present in 191 countries through over 250,000 staff and volunteers. Bright is most known for writing The Four Spiritual Laws, which has been distributed to over 2.5 billion people. In addition, he commissioned the Jesus film which has been viewed by more than 5.2 billion people. Dr. Bright died in 2003 before the final editing of this book. His prayer was that this book would ‘leave a legacy of his love for God's Word and its power to change lives’.

“Bright states in the introduction, ‘If you can learn how to mine God's Word for yourself and find the countless treasures He has for you, you will have a lifetime of an adventure in walking with God.’ The book is structured in a way that provides great content and the opportunity to directly apply the content. It is extremely easy to read and full of personal stories. There are four main sections that answer the questions, ‘Why should I read the Bible?’ ‘How can I understand the Bible?’, ‘What is the Bible about?’, ‘How does the Bible change my life?’

“Dr. Bill Bright had a passion to know and love Christ more and more. He also had a passion to give others this same opportunity. Even though he attended seminary, he is more known for his ‘street smart’ ability to communicate God's truth. In true Bill Bright fashion, he lays out practical teaching with application. The only weakness is that it does not go far enough to promote the importance of accountability. Finding others to mutually encourage each other in this great endeavor is imperative. I would recommend this book to anyone interested being a better student of the Bible.” -- Dave Walters, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The author of the world's best-selling book isn't John Grisham, Max Lucado, or even Shakespeare---it's God! Bill Bright helps postmodern readers understand the Bible, the teachings of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the divine character of God. Filled with personal stories, practical Bible study tools, and convincing arguments for the inerrancy of Scripture.