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288 pages
Apr 2005
Tyndale Publishers

I Told the Mountain to Move

by Patricia Raybon

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Got mountains? Grab hold of Patricia Raybonís hand and let her lead you in an amazing journey of prayer. Her writing is powerful, her praying is passionate, and her life is filled with praise. Yet, it all started when she took that first serious step toward the Throne of Grace.

This book reads more like an intimate prayer journal than a set of instructions. And thatís the beauty of it. The author doesnít claim to have all the answers, in fact, she writes honestly about her own questions and struggles. Itís as if she has called readers to walk alongside her and to share in her discoveries, disappointments, and divine visitations.

Her prayer journey begins when her husband became critically ill and needed a risky surgery to correct the problem. Her heart yearned to pray in such a way that things changed. She was determined to discover the secrets of a vibrant prayer life, and she uncovered much more. As she draws ever closer to God, she sees herself and those around her in a new perspective. She captures her feelings in mere words, but these pages seem to throb with the pulse of a life in tune with the Almighty.

The book is filled with personal experiences, as the author lets readers see inside her home and heart. Her honesty has a touch of the holy about it and is an encouragement to persevere in prayer. There are many inspiring quotes sprinkled throughout these pages, which blend so well with the authorís own words.

After reading this book, there is only one way to sum up my reaction: Amen and praise the Lord! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

ďThe house was dark but also cold. I opened my eyes in the dimness and sat up straight, shivering. God was talking.Ē

Raised in a strict, church-going family, award-winning writer Patricia Raybon was struggling privately in adult life. A discordant marriage. Conflicts with two strong-willed daughters. And underneath it all, a shameful personal secret. But could this humbled Christian, far from her childhood faith, pray prayers that led to lasting change?

Believing God alone could move these mountains, Patricia set out to learn the real way to pray. Pray so things healed. Pray so things stopped. Pray so things started. Pray so things changed.

The result is an inspiring account of a journey that impacted Patriciaís world and transformed her heartóa journey full of lessons on prayer that will resonate with readers who long for deeper intimacy with an inscrutable, yet loving, God.