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240 pages
Mar 2007
W Publishing Group

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Secret of More

by Mark Buchanan

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Hidden in Plain Sight by Mark Buchanan caught my attention with its title. I love a riddle! Even with author’s subtitle, Seven Old Things to Make Your Life New, I couldn’t make out what the book might be about. I was intrigued.

The author bases his work on a Scripture, one that was there all along, one we have heard and read and yet perhaps not realized the magnitude of; a Scripture that Buchanan claims holds the secret to victorious Christian life. Comparing the negatives of struggling against the “seven deadly sins,” he purports seeking after the seven virtues listed in the book of 2 Peter.

Sharing his own struggles and trials, Buchanan relates in his fresh, often startling, and anything but boring voice, how God brought him to see that these virtues are gifts provided for every Christian. He compares these truths to the materials of a house gathered and ready to be built. The individual must make an effort to build with these materials which God has provided in order to have victory over sin.

The first of three sections of the book deals with faith. The second section has seven parts, each discussing a godly character trait or virtue. The third section speaks of the rewards to be reaped by anyone determined to make the effort to build on his faith. Each section ends with a short story.

Buchanan is a pastor and author of four other books, The Rest of God, Your God is Too Safe, Things Unseen, and The Holy Wild. Buchanan’s writing may disturb readers with some disquieting notes, his sense of humor, and his “wild” ideas, yet it will inspire them to follow closer after God, to take the steps of faith to live fully what they believe. I like what Buchanan says in his introduction that he hopes his book disrupts readers, turning them upside down in order to help them live right-side up.

I recommend this book to Christians who find themselves struggling to grow in Christ. I think it might be especially appealing and fitting for young fathers. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Ever feel stuck? That no matter how much you wish otherwise, how hard you try and pray and regret and resolve, you can't break certain habits? Old wounds keep reopening. Old fears keep resurfacing.

Don't you want more than that? And doesn't God want more for you? That's what Hidden in Plain Sight is about: finding and having more--more purpose, more passion, more life, more of what God intended for you. Widely acclaimed author Mark Buchanan shares with readers a treasure from scripture that the vast majority of us overlook, a treasure that has been hidden in plain sight, that can finally move us beyond our old life and into a brand new life.