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352 pages
Apr 2004
W Publishing Group

Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance

by Charles Swindoll

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The story of Job is one that has troubled Believers for centuries. As we extol the mercies of God, we find ourselves hard-pressed to resolve the difficulty of why a loving Lord would allow such misery in the life of this righteous man. And though we find no clear answers to our concerns, if we are to trust in the sovereignty of God, then we must ultimately lay aside our difficulty with the story and look instead to what we can learn from it. With that premise in mind, who better to tackle the issue of Job’s response to suffering than Charles Swindoll, one of today’s great Bible storytellers.

Engaging in a thorough analysis of the physical and emotional misery of Job, and addressing the ruthless verbal assaults and compassionless counsels of those who professed to be Job’s friends, Swindoll contends that the life and responses of Job reveal a truly heroic character. This latest profile joins a series of studies by Swindoll entitled “Great Lives from God’s Word,” demonstrating “How the great heroes of the faith offer a model of courage, hope, and triumph in the face of adversity.”

Besides being a well known author and speaker, Swindoll is senior pastor at Stonebriar Community Church and serves as Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary. He also hosts the internationally syndicated radio program Insight for Living.

Filled with insightful observations and timely examples, this book aims to speak to believers from all walks of life, using the heroic example of Job as a testament to unwavering faith and tenacious trust. That is why God could say, “Have you considered my servant Job?” (Job 1:8) I recommend this book for all teens and adults. -- Nancy K. Brown, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The trials of Job are legendary. One righteous man suffering so many calamities, so much heartache. But despite the fact that many have heard about Job and his trials, not many people truly understand what those trials were all about and what God was trying to accomplish through them. Job himself was confused about it all. Through tough questions and unexpected answers from God, Job gained new insights on suffering, patience, and endurance. And, more importantly, he learned how deeply he was loved by God. In this illuminating study of Job's life, Charles Swindoll, in his trademark warm and insightful style, helps readers understand the key to developing heroic endurance.