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Trade Paperback
339 pages
Oct 2004
WestBow Press

Life Everlasting

by Robert Whitlow

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Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow continues the story of Alexia Lindale, a young divorce attorney, and Ted Morgan, a music minister who led Alex to the Lord.

Alex is in the process of developing her own firm. Rena Richardson chooses Alex to help divorce her husband, Baxter, whom Rena claims tried to kill her. Ironically, Baxter is in a coma from the fall he sustained during the incident.

Ted Morgan and Sarah Locklear, one of Baxter's private nurses, believe that "the Gospel included healing through worship." With this calling, they start a series of music sessions with Baxter. Ted plays the keyboard and Sarah sings verses from the Bible as the Holy Spirit leads. Alex sits in the background praying and absorbing God's presence, while trying not to be jealous of Sarah.

As Alex continues in her preparation for Rena's case, she finds the Richardson family's source of wealth may not be all legal. After getting run off the road, having her house ransacked, and her computer smashed, she is sure of it -- but still has no proof.

Meanwhile, Rena is being inconsistent in her story regarding Baxter's "accident." Of course, it doesn't help that she keeps imagining Baxter around her house watching her. Rena knows it is an illusion but she wishes he would just die and leave her alone.

Life Everlasting will keep you guessing until the end. Mr. Whitlow's legal expertise and imagination produce a story that could be right off the front page of today's newspaper or found in your Christian magazine. Both men and women will enjoy this novel up to the very end. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Life Everlasting is the highly anticipated finale to the best-selling novel Life Support. Deadly mysteries and legal twists unfold against the sultry backfrop of Charleston, South Carolina.

This remarkable new will captivate fans of John Grisham and James Patterson. In it, Whitlow confidently weaves romance and mystery into this signature and suspenseful legal thriller.

Book two in the Santee Series picks up with Baxter Richardsonís recovery from a near-fatal fall from a cliff. Married to Rena, a suspicious and highly unstable woman, Baxter is faced with a choice of staggering ramifications.

While Rena Richardson is desperately trying to conceal her crime, her attorney, Alexia Lindale, struggles to put the pieces of the case - as well as her own life - back together. As the mysterious circumstances surrounding Baxterís brush with death are revealed, the focus shifts from Life Support to the question of Life Everlasting.

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