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196 pages
Dec 2003
W Publishing Group

Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay That Way

by Marcia Ramsland

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The philosopher Nietzsche once said, "You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." But I’ll bet he never had to find his kids’ shoes, fix dinner, and organize a family schedule. So for the rest of us, Marcia Ramsland has written Simplify Your Life to ease the frustrations of a busy life. The book is broken into three sections relating to simplifying your time, systems, and seasons of life. In each chapter, Ms. Ramsland gives several methods for becoming organized, depending on your style of living and personality.

For example, when discussing how to manage time, she offers two ways to organize the days: vertically and horizontally. Vertically is what we are most familiar with, making a daily list of tasks to accomplish. A newer concept, horizontal management, is “looking forward to the week and the month ahead to pace your schedule and energy accordingly.” A practical tip especially for moms at home who may not have deadlines but still need to make progress in managing their homes. Another great idea is setting aside free nights where you don’t schedule anything (for sanity sake) – two on the weekdays, one on the weekend.

Ms. Ramsland doesn’t just preach organization. Her own metamorphosis came about when she her three children were under six years old. Realizing that her disorganization was controlling her attitude as well as the atmosphere of her home, she decided to change. Making lists didn’t work, so eventually Ms. Ramsland developed her own system she calls “PuSH,” which stands for project, you (“u”), system, and habit. The object is to get organized and, more importantly, remain that way.

Simplify Your Life is easy to read, easy to apply, and an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to be prepared for life instead of reacting to it. Get a grip on clutter and create your own system using this organizational primer. -- Stacy Oliver, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:

Is it really possible to simplify your life? The answer is a resounding "yes," if you know the necessary steps to unclutter your life and lifestyle. Get the inside scoop from pofessional organizer Marcia Ramsland and begin to solve your life management issues like a pro. With fast-paced, step-by-step instructions, Marcia walks you through refreshing new ways to manage your daily schedule, your life at home and at work, and special seasons of your life such as parenting, the holidays, and transitions.

Simplify Your Life reveals do-able tips and practical systems using Marcia's trademark "PuSH" Sequence--an acronym for Project, yoU (the key component), System, Habit--which not only gets you organized but helps you stay that way.