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Trade Paperback
300 pages
Mar 2004
Thomas Nelson/WestBow Press

Elixir: A Novel

by Davis Bunn

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"In Elixir, Davis Bunn drops the “T” and plays hardball as he presents his newest suspense novel. Action begins immediately when the thrill of surfing turns deadly as bullets plunge into the waves. Taylor Knox isn’t surprised by the shooter – he knew the job would be dangerous when he accepted it. But his surfing buddy also appears to know what’s going on, and that’s bad. Especially since his 'friend' is the only person close enough to help, and Taylor can only hide underwater until he needs another breath.

"Rewind nine days. The small pharmaceutical company Taylor works for is about to be taken over by Revell, a mega-company owned by a family who hates him. Then the CEO, Amanda Revell, gives Taylor a quest – find her missing younger sister, the woman Taylor still loves, and he can keep his job and gain three million dollars in Revell stock. Dangerous men dog Taylor’s every move as he begins a journey not only to Europe, but the secret places of his soul.

"Complex characters, exotic locations, and dry humor only add to the pull of this thrilling novel. If you start this book without setting aside time to finish it, prepare to lose some serious sleep." -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Taylor Knox was on top of the world. A company merger with the multi-billion dollar giant Revell Pharmaceutical was in the works, and life just kept getting better. He had even been promised a personal share of the sale proceeds, which would ensure his financial security, thanks to Revell’s billions. What could possibly go wrong? Taylor soon learns just what can go wrong and how wrong it can go. His good fortune has a catch, a big catch. One that will send him on a trek around the world as he searches for missing pharmaceutical heiress—and his old flame—Kirra Revell, who he is convinced just does not want to be found. How will he ever find Kirra, and if he does, what else will he find?

Suspense, intrigue, and romance all combine in complex, interesting characters, an amazing story, and exotic locations, all of which readers have come to expect from celebrated writer Davis Bunn. Elixir, Bunn’s latest release, will not disappoint even the most adventurous reader. Crafted with his best writing, most extensive research, and most passionate story to date, Elixir is Bunn’s most action packed thriller yet—keeping readers ’ suspense until the final word.