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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Jul 2004
WestBow Press

The Awakening

by Angela Hunt

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The Awakening is the story of a woman who has been trapped into a stifling life by her mother. First her mother ruled her by being domineering, then by getting Alzheimer’s and needing care.

When her mother dies, Aurora is finally free, but her years of endless servitude have twisted her until she is afraid to leave her apartment. Struggling to reclaim her life, she begins taking baby steps toward freedom. She goes up to the rooftop of her lavish apartment building. She walks down half a flight of stairs, forcing herself to go farther everyday. And she begins having nightmares.

Her new neighbor finds himself drawn to the fragile Aurora. He witnesses the controlling power of her mother’s only friend, who wants Aurora to continue living a life that will stand as a living monument to Aurora’s deceased mother.

Afraid to push Aurora, he instead helps, encourages and patiently waits for Aurora to climb a mountain of fear, one baby step at a time.

Parts of Aurora’s nightmares involve her father. A man she has never met, who her mother loathed and called only, “That devil”, Aurora longs to connect with the only family she has. Aurora is nearly torn in half by all the things she longs to do and the fears that imprison her in her apartment.

The Awakening is one of the most compelling books I’ve read in a long time. It’s a completely different style of book than I would normally choose. Not a romance or a mystery, although there are bits of each in it. It is an intense drama played out almost exclusively within the walls of Aurora’s home. Angela Hunt made me care about Aurora and cheer her on. Hunt made me hate Aurora’s mother and the old friend who fed Aurora’s fears. Hunt handles the subject with a frightening edge as I waited for Aurora to break free from her self-imposed prison.

The nightmares in The Awakening might give you nightmares of your own. – Mary Connealy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Recovering from the isolation of caring for her recently deceased mother, Aurora Norquest begins to experience bewildering dreams. As she seeks to understand the voices that fill her sleeping hours, she learns that her mother has hidden a secret . . . a truth that could change Aurora's present and set a new course for her future.

Aurora is aided in her understanding by Philip Cannon, the neighbor who shows more than a friendly interest. With love as his ally, Philip helps her to discern between truth and falsehood, the voice of guilt and the voice of God.

Christy-award winning author Angela Hunt delivers another stunning novel, fantastic for readers who enjoy being caught by surprise and delving a little deeper into life's challenging issues. Read and be awakened . . .as you listen for echoes of a still, small voice in your own heart.