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Trade Paperback
300 pages
Mar 2005
WestBow Press

The Lazarus Trap

by Davis Bunn

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A man awakens in jail with no memory of the night before, or any other part of his past. The police tell him he tried to punch an officer at a bar, and his ID reads Jeffery Adams. Nightmares and the internet help him piece together fragments of memory. His real name is Val Haines, and the world thinks he’s dead.

Beyond that, Val doesn’t want to know. His dreams hint of a painful secret, of envy, betrayal, and loss. Val’s enemy has taken everything Val once treasured in a greedy game of jealousy.

Terrance d’Arcy had it all planned out. First he wooed away Val’s wife, falsifying DNA evidence to make the court believe Stefanie’s daughter belongs to him, not Val. Then he covers his corporate pilfering by bombing the bank that holds Insignia’s financial records at the precise time Val and a coworker were scheduled to make a deposit. Then Terrance finds out his scapegoat never showed up, and the chase is on.

Enter a relentless thriller full of back-alley deals, high executive greed, and life-or-death gambles. The pace doesn’t let up until the satisfying denouement; but the action only highlights the story of one man’s search for meaning in a life he doesn’t want to live. If you’re looking for cutting-edge suspense that you’ll ponder long after you turn the last page, try Davis Bunn’s The Lazarus Trap. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In a jail cell with no memory of the night before, Val Haines has no idea who he really is. But his nightmares and personal belongings help him piece together the memories—an embezzlement, an accusation, an explosion. Soon he learns that the world thinks he's dead. He has a clean slate—a chance to walk away and create the life he's always wanted.

But Val finds himself pursued by assailants he can't identify and he knows he has to run. But where can he turn for help if he doesn't know who the enemy is? Lovely Audrey d'Arcy offers a respite from the past and the present, but how can he trust her when he doesn't even know who he is or why she loves him?

Dying may just be the best thing that ever happened to Val Haines, but he's going to have to live first.

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