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Hardcover with CD
144 pages
Aug 2005
WestBow Press

The Martyr's Song

by Ted Dekker

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In The Martyr’s Song by Ted Dekker, Marci is startled when the old woman comes up to her and offers to make her beautiful. The last thing the teen wants is someone else rubbing in the fact that she’s ugly, but something about the woman causes her to accept Eve’s invitation.

When she arrives at the house, Eve simply tells her a story: about wartime in a distant land, where a group of soldiers play a deadly game with a priest and the women and children of his parish; about a world just beyond what we consider reality, where death and beauty collide.

Reader’s of Dekker’s previous novel When Heaven Weeps will easily recognize the story of Janjic , Nadia, and Ivena, however, The Martyr’s Song offers little new material. The story is powerful, nonetheless, with full characters and riveting action. If you want your perspective of reality challenged, pick up this book. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

An unforgettable story that vividly shows how heaven is far more real than the world we can see.

“Make me beautiful.” That’s what Marci wants from the old woman—not “inner beauty,” but real, physical attractiveness to save her from being a teenage outcast. The woman offers a gift in the form of a story—a strange tale from 1940s Bosnia about a group of soldiers who terrorize a town of women and children, brutalize their priest, and murder a child. Somehow, in the midst of the horror, a window opens to another reality—a world of impossible beauty, infectious music, irresistible laughter, and a vision that somehow changes…everything.

By the time the story ends, Marci hears the heavenly music herself. So will you. Once you read this unforgettable story, you’ll never be the same.

Included with this novel is a CD single featuring an original song by Todd Agnew, one of today's fastest rising Christian music artists.