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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Apr 2005
W Publishing Group

How to Really Parent Your Child

by Ross Campbell, M.D.

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Dr. Ross Campbell’s How To Really Parent Your Child is a wonderful addendum to his previous parenting books. Addressing the change in culture post 9-11 and school shootings, Dr. Campbell comes out of retirement once again. Calling misbehavior a “love-cry,” the author encourages parents to proactively parent, rather than reactively parent.

His previous works include How to Really Love Your Child, How to Really Love Your Teenager, and How to Really Love Your Angry Child. These books are the fruit of his years as a clinical psychiatrist and loving father, now grandfather. Dr. Campbell speaks in plain terms, never demeaning readers, but always presenting the children’s perspective from both an emotional and psychological standpoint. The perfect observer, Dr. Campbell takes the difficulties and situations he has helped his clients work through and couples them with his practical parenting experience. He then offers readers applicable and highly useful material to transform their relationships with their children.

If you have already read the earlier books, you will find new insights and valuable tools for everyday use. If you have not read them, this stand-alone volume is concise and practical. It addresses many modern concerns and the exasperation some evangelicals may experience because of their reactive parenting choices. Dr. Campbell clearly illustrates how damaging it can be to drive a child’s anger inward, and provides tools for dealing with parental and child anger.

I am so grateful to Dr. Campbell for updating his theories in this practical volume. His original theories proved timeless, but without translation into modern-day dilemmas, ran the risk of becoming relics of a bygone era. Encouraging us with biblical principals to be Jesus to our children, while learning from our children to love Jesus more, Dr. Campbell hits this one out of the ballpark. I recommend it to any who have dealings with children, teachers, parents, pastors all, without reservation. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

With over thirty years of clinical psychiatric experience with children and their parents, Dr. Campbell knows how profoundly a parent can influence a child. By anticipating the needs of a child rather than reacting to his or her behaviors, parents develop a relational rather than adversarial family structure. Mothers and fathers will find tools aimed to help them build a healthy relationship with their child that meets all four basic emotional needs: to be nurtured in unconditional love, to be lovingly disciplined, to be trained in anger management, and to be protected from harmful influences. It is after these basic needs are met that a child will be able to understand and respond to spiritual matters.

Combining practical advice with anecdotal examples, Campbell offers a purposeful, life-long approach to building happy, healthy, spiritual children.