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Trade Paperback
602 pages
Aug 2004
P&R Publishing

The Christ of the Prophets

by O. Palmer Robertson

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An exciting, enlarging textbook for all Christians, The Christ of the Prophets, is an introduction to the Old Testament prophetic writings, pointing us directly to the wonderful grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our hope of restoration (1 Peter 1.10).

Noted author, teacher, pastor, internationally acclaimed theologian, and defender of the faith, Dr. Robertson draws from deep wells of scholarship to present the truth of scripture. He writes comprehensively, using an understandable, interesting style. Wide in scope, The Christ of the Prophets begins with the origin and unique aspects of prophetism in Israel. It then looks at the prophets themselves, as a group and individually, and their relationship with God and His covenants and laws. A further section presents prophetism from pre- to post-exile, and restoration. Closing material includes a vigorous, ardent chapter about the Messiah, The Core Event of Israel’s Prophetic Movement. Robertson states prophesy came by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. By presenting arguments that some theologians have used to deny inspiration, and then demolishing these spurious arguments via the Bible, Robertson encourages the reader to fully believe in and be ready to testify to inspiration by the Holy Spirit. The Bibliography, and two indices, Scripture and Subjects, help make this book an ongoing research tool.

At present, Dr. O. Palmer Robertson is Director and Principal of African Bible College, Uganda, and Professor of Theology at African Bible College, Malawi. His many books come from his efforts to embed his students in the Bible. Providing much encouragement, The Christ of the Prophets requires dedicated reading. It will appeal to the everyday Christian desiring to learn more about the Bible, as well as pastors, group facilitators, church libraries, and theological students. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Thorough study of Israel's prophetism, including covenant and the law in the prophets, prediction in prophecy, Jesus the promised Christ of the prophets, and more.

"This one is another tour de force. Robertson has managed to open a window on the contribution of the Old Testament prophets that sheds more than just light; it radiates a passion for their study and proclamation. This book is an essential tool for every student of Scripture who desires a robust biblical theology.” —Derek W. H. Thomas