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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Apr 2004
P&R Press

Praying Together for True Revival

by Jonathan Edwards, T.M. Moore

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Praying Together For True Revival by Jonathan Edwards is not an easy read. First published in 1747, it comes at the end of the First Great Awakening, and is in response to a prayer movement in Scotland begun seven years earlier. Edwards believed that an even greater revival in the Colonies was possible. He was, in fact, post-Millennial, and wrote pointedly about the possibility of ushering in Christís reign on earth.

I had difficulty with many of his interpretations of prophecy, but this did not get in the way of appreciating his passion for Godís people to unite in prayer. I especially enjoyed chapter 7, which answers the objection that united prayer for revival is superstitious, whimsical and legalistic, and chapter 12, answering the objection that such prayer is a novelty. Edwards was dismissed from the pastorate only three years after the publication of this work, and died seven years after that. He did not live to see the answer to his prayers, nor to see Moody or Spurgeon, Hudson Taylor or George Mueller. But we can be sure that it was his passion and prayer for revival that paved their way. Ė Pam Glass, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary prayer. Conditions in the church and society today add urgency to Jonathan Edwards's appeal to Christians to unite in prayer "for those great effusions of the Holy Spirit" which advance God's kingdom. This book makes accessible Edwards's classic treatise on corporate prayer, An Humble Attempt... T. M. Moore has divided the work into thirteen chapters, added introductory remarks and subheadings, and concluded each chapter with questions that promote understanding and spur us to prayer.