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Trade Paperback
143 pages
Jul 2007
Voice of the Martyrs

Imprisoned for Christ: A Stirring Testament to God's Sustaining Grace in a Balkan Prison

by  Voice of the Martyrs

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Nine-year-old Mihai Wurmbrand tries to live up to his father and mother's teaching when his parents, Richard and Sabina, are arrested in Communist Romania, but it's not easy. The Voice of the Martyrs tells the family's true story in Imprisoned for Christ for eight-year-olds to young teenagers. Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand are Jews who love to party even in Communist-controlled Romania. They never intend to become Christians, to have children, or to become a pastor and pastor's wife. But that's what happens. As Communism rolls across the country, they remain true to Christ and teach Mihai to remain true also. However, eventually Richard and Sabina both end up in prison. Mihai has to find someone from his church who's brave enough to defy the Communists and take him in. While his parents wonder if he will be safe and cared for, he wonders when he can see them. He visits his parents in prison as often as he can. He maintains such an upstanding testimony in school that the Communists expel him.

Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand show the Lord's work continuing in prison. They describe their joy in the Lord during their suffering which is almost incomprehensible to us who have never suffered. As Richard says when released from prison, "Don't think I've simply come from misery to happiness. I've come from the joy of being with Christ in prison to the joy of being with Him in our family" (p. 124).

Each family member tells different chapters in the story. The publisher identifies the narrator with a line drawing at the beginning of the chapter. Illustrated with black and white line drawings, the story is optimistic, encouraging, and reader friendly. The authors describe prison conditions but are not graphic about the torture. The publishers provide shaded boxes with definitions, maps, and quotations to aid the reader. At the back of the book, they include a timeline, a list of 100 ways to help the persecuted church, and a chapter-by-chapter list of Bible references used.

With a resurgence of communism in Russia and Venezuela, young people need to understand its dangers. They also need to recognize the power of a real, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and the reality of persecution. Voice of the Martyrs' Imprisoned for Christ gives young readers both in a fascinating story.

My seven-year-old borrowed it from my office and has read the first eleven chapters on her own. This would make a good read-aloud book for family reading or for a child's individual reading. Homeschoolers and Christian schools may wish to include it as supplemental reading in history. This is a very worthwhile book. Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Tortured for Christ impacted your life-now here's a way to share it with your kids. Imprisoned for Christ introduces Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, his wife Sabina, and their son Mihai to a new generation of readers searching for examples of uncompromising faith. The book retains the impact of Pastor Wurmbrand's Tortured for Christ without descriptions of extreme violence, which may be inappropriate for younger readers. Includes "100 Ways Kids Can Help the Persecuted Church."

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