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Trade Paperback
252 pages
Aug 2004
Bridge-Logos Publishers

Prayer, Power & Petticoats: Lessons in Faith from the First Ladies from Martha Washington to Laura Bush

by Sue Tennant

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In Prayer, Power & Petticoats, Sue Tennant gives us a glimpse into the lives of all our First Ladies from Martha Washington to Laura Bush. We see their struggles, their victories, and their joy -- or lack thereof. Each devotion gives us a brief look at the life of a First Lady. Then Tennant brings us a gem we can glean along with a scripture verse to reinforce it. She closes with a prayer for that lesson.

Our First Ladies came from diverse backgrounds--some of them wealthy and some of them worked their way up from poverty. Several died before they could move into their new home or shortly thereafter. A few lost their husbands or a child while acting as First Lady. Others saw their daughters marry within the White House walls.

From these special women, we learn compassion, courage, selflessness, dedication, adaptability, and many other lessons. From some, we see faith in action. From others, we learn the emptiness of glitter and fame. Several of these women wielded tremendous power and influence while others were quiet workers, both during their White House tenure and afterward. They were and are women just like us, but they happened to call the White House their home for a period of time.

This is a unique devotional for women. History buffs will enjoy it as a devotional as well as an intimate look into how First Ladies impacted their world. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The First Ladies of the United States—from Martha Washington to Laura Bush—are an exclusive sorority of great women who contribute significantly to the success of their husbands’ presidential administrations.

We are all familiar with our forefathers. Now it’s time to get to know the women who stood behind and beside the most powerful men in our country, bore their children, managed their homes, hosted their parties, entertained their dignitaries, handled their press and public relations, did their laundry, straightened their ties, and partnered with them to build the United States of America.

So if the First Lady is the power behind the president, who is the power behind the First Lady? God. The United States is “One Nation Under God,” and that trust in God begins in the White House. From the first day of the new republic to this very morning, there has been prayer in the White House. Faith has played a dominant and consistent role in daily White House routine run by Prayer, Power, and Petticoats.

Meet the wonderful wives and mothers who have much to teach us about family and faith, the First Ladies of the United States of America.