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Trade Paperback
136 pages
Aug 2004
Bridge-Logos Publishers

From Debt to Life: 10 Proven Steps to Beat Credit Crisis & Build Financial Freedom

by Dr. Kregg R. Hood

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From Debt to Life: Ten Proven Steps to Beat Credit Crisis and Build Financial Freedom by Dr. Kregg R. Hood is an encouraging word on the money problems faced by many American families today. Dr. Hood sees the problem of debt as a true crisis that endangers marriages, businesses and churches. The author’s purpose is to give hope to people who feel they are drowning in debt, that they can make it to the surface and swim to shore.

The book is divided into three sections: the Power of Contentment, the Power of Wisdom, and the Power of Planning. Dr. Hood guides the reader through facing his debts, recognizing his income and his expenses, and formulating a plan of action. The book is laid out simply in readable sections that aren’t full of financial jargon.

The ten steps are easy to understand, organized like the syllabus of a short course in finance. In one section, Dr. Hood gives his opinion about whether credit card use is damaging, what Romans 13:8 means about borrowing, and simple steps to help overcome poor buying habits.

Dr. Hood is an educator and personal finance coach, and has a doctorate in instructional communication; he previously wrote Escape the Debt Trap. He ably supports his instruction with helpful charts, and gives the reader scriptures to help him decide his route to recovery. At the end of each chapter are questions to lead the reader through decision making that will help him make use of the teachings. Also included are action steps and goal setting pages. This is such an encouraging book! I would recommend it to anyone who feels that his finances are out of hand or are headed that way. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

If you are experiencing debt and credit card crisis, you are not alone:
• American households now carry on average 13.5 credit cards each.
• Credit card debt levels hover at an all time high, averaging nearly $10,000 per household.
• The average American household debt is, not including mortgages, almost $19,000.
• 43% of US families spent $1.22 for each dollar they made last year.

Getting out of debt and taking control of your financial future is more than merely paying back all you owe and getting ahead. It’s reclaiming your life that’s been stolen by worry, and freeing your life that’s been shackled by creditors.

You can be free! This book will take you there in 10 Proven Steps.

Contains personalized worksheets to help you move from credit crisis through confidence to financial strength.