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Trade Paperback
88 pages
Feb 2004
Bridge-Logos Publishers

Same-Sex Marriage: Real Issues Right Answers

by  Bridge-Logos

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Book Jacket:

Finally a book that asks the tough questions, but is unhestating and bold in answering. An exploration of the cultural, political, secular, and biblical issues of same-sex marriage.

"Opinion might make homosexual couples more comfortable, but it has little to do with truth. Popluar opinion has never swayed God...and never will. God, not people, established marriage."

Within these pages:

A candid discussion of the most critical issue facing American society, one that has the potential for completely destroying the family.

What's happened in the world to set the stage for the redefining marriage.

What the advocates of same-sex marriage want, and why.

The Truth in the Word of God.

Ways to express your convictions.

God's Word is clear and eloquent on the sanctity of marriage. And nowhere does He expand His definition to include partners of the same sex. Real issues, right answers.