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Trade Paperback
196 pages
Mar 2007
BMH Books

Called: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

by Kary Oberbrunner

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In his challenging new book, Called, Kary Oberbrunner says, “You’ve been called—called to become who you were truly born to be.” We were born to be disciples, but as the book reminds us, salvation happens in an instant, but discipleship takes a lifetime.

God’s Word is our guide to true discipleship, and, according to Oberbrunner, we must look there rather than to other Christians to determine whether or not we are sincerely modeling Christ or simply performing good works. Oberbrunner has broken the growing process into a paradigm that examines four areas; knowing, being, doing, and reproducing.

Knowledge alone does not determine our spirituality. In fact, the actions of the Pharisees demonstrate that knowledge can lead to arrogance and can keep us from a personal relationship with Christ. Still, knowledge is what sets the disciple of Christ apart. In fact, all other measurements flow from our knowing.

The second element, being, says we should be in a continual state of becoming more and more like Christ. Once knowing becomes part of our being, we will move to the third element, doing. This form of doing is a supernatural by-product where we no longer have to consciously try to do good works. When our lives mirror true discipleship in the areas of knowing, being, and doing, the result will be a reproducing of others into true disciples.

This four-area paradigm acts as a mirror to reveal areas where Christ is not presently reigning in our lives. Once an area of weakness is exposed, rather than cover it up, we must acknowledge it and be willing to turn that area over to Christ, who has called us to participate in the work God is doing in the world. But before we can participate in the work, we must be willing to surrender and to follow wherever the Lord leads.

This is a challenging book—one that probably needs to be read more than once in order to fully absorb all of its’ teachings. – Nancy K. Brown, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Gospel isn't just accepting Jesus into your heart; it's also following Him with your life. Many people have adopted a concept of discipleship that asks little of them. Jesus calls us to live lives larger than ourselves. This revolutionary book reveals the depth of your calling and provides practical steps for how to truly become who you were born to be.