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160 pages
Jan 2008
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Laying a Creation Foundation: Building Blocks in Science

by Gary Parker

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Biologist, chemist, physiologist, and geologist (and very well acquainted with tadpoles) Dr. Gary Parker started out his academic career as an atheist and an evolutionist. But everything changed when he met Jesus. So, when this author writes about what evolutionists believe, why itís not the truth and how creationism is the way to go - he knows what he is talking about. Building Blocks in Science is an interesting, scientifically and Biblically based, well researched, in-depth study on Creationism. Beginning with a clear look at Evolution and Creationism, this book uses dinosaurs and human origins to discuss many interesting themes, including dinosaurs and birds, dinosaurs in recorded history, errors in the evolutionistís evidence; Nebraska Man, science vs. evolution, and how we are made in Godís image. Each section concludes with a Building Inspection segment - interesting questions to help remember the material (all the answers are found at the back of the book). Helpful time-lines and tables are scattered throughout the text. On every page black and white illustrations highlight the data. Scattered throughout are side-bars suggesting interesting bonus projects for the individual and class.

Aimed at middle and high school age Building Blocks in Science will catch the attention of individual students, classes in schools and churches, and family-style discussion and devotion groups. As with all well prepared youth texts, adults will find much food for thought and reference in this volume. Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

This book is the first in a series of studies in various fields of science from the Institute for Creation Research. In this first volume, former evolutionary biologist Gary Parker looks at life sciences, digging into physical structures from early man to fossils. Parker discusses DNA, the artistic skills of Neanderthal Man, and much more in this illustrated study.

Parker uses formidable and popular teaching skills to focus on, for example, the chemical reaction between acids and bases, then zooms back out for the big-picture, scriptural evidence that God created all. By integrating his throrough knowledge of how the human body works with man's natural surroundings, Parker presents both a physiological and philosophical picture of our purposes on this planet.