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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Jul 2008
New Leaf Press

Persuaded by the Evidence

by Doug Sharp & Jerry Bergman

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A teacher and preacher of evolution re-examines science and becomes a believer in the Creator. A geologist searches the rock layers for evidence of evolution and finds creation. Jolted out of Christianity by a college professor, a new father faces a serious accident and finds God. A profoundly deaf medical technologist believes in evolution until he reads Dr. Morris’ book, The Genesis Flood. A confident atheist who sneers at Christianity and creation accepts the challenge to search the evidence and finds out he was wrong. Add to these more than 30 other similar chronicles and Persuaded by the Evidence becomes an impelling, imperative book. The men who share these accounts represent a wide range of experience, artist, PhD, teacher, Hindu Brahmin converted to Christianity, agricultural researcher, father, and many more.

A good summation of this book come from one of the authors, “…my faith was totally changed. I then believed that God’s word was true from the very beginning (Ps. 119:160)” (p. 65). Up-to-date, erudite, intriguing, strongly witnessing for the Lord, this journal of life treks into the truth provides much food for thought for all readers, whether creationists, evolutionists, or those unsure of their stance. Written straight from the heart, without frills and furbelows, with full reliance on actuality, it leaves indelible marks in readers’ thoughts. Persuaded by the Evidence will find an interested audience in high schools and colleges and will make an excellent reference for church workers and individual readers. With its 2 – 5 page cameos, this book of spiritual adventures fits well into spare moment reading. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

A unique and interesting collection of true stories from Christians – each sharing his personal journey to find the biblical truth of a six-day creation! From scientists in the midst of complex research to youth ministers, and more, see how each began at a different point and place in his life to question the supposed truth of evolution and how faith and actual evidence led to his embracing a creation-based, biblical world-view. In their testimonies, you will read about their search for answers, often unavailable through their school, their church, or scientific knowledge – and how the discoveries they made have shaped their faith and changed their lives. Seeking answers for yourself? Discover the powerful truths these individuals now share – and find yourself also persuaded by the evidence! Contributors include: Carl Kerby, Curt Sewell, Dr. Walter T. Brown, Dr. Raymond Damadian, Frank Sherwin, and more!