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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Feb 2010
New Leaf Publishing Group/Master Books

Deadly Disclosures

by Julie Cave

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Deadly Disclosures by Julie Cave is the first in a trilogy of suspense novels whose protagonist is FBI agent Dinah Harris. The story begins with Dinah on the rocks emotionally and about to lose her job because of her drinking problem. She is suicidal, grieving over the loss of her husband and young son, and alcohol is her only coping mechanism. This interferes with her latest case involving the disappearance and eventual murder of the director of the Smithsonian Institution, Thomas Whitfield. Three more people closely connected to Whitfield are later found dead, and the circle of suspects grows wider and begins to involve the board of trustees of the Institution. Two opposing camps are quickly formed: supporters of the theory of evolution and creationist scientists. Whitfield had been planning a speech to Congress to ask for a different direction for the Smithsonian, and certain trustees were bound to stop him no matter what or who got in their way. The climax of the book puts Dinah Harris right in the center of the controversy of Darwinism and the Bible in a nonstop ending that will satisfy the Christian reader.

This novel addresses the conflict between evolution and creationism down to very specific points that will cause readers to do some serious thinking. Both sides are presented in an unbiased way through dialogue among different characters. There are no direct Bible passages quoted, however the message of God’s relationship with man in an imperfect world is clearly explained several times. Even Dinah Harris’ struggle to end her suicidal addiction to the bottle and become a Christian is filled with a sense of rightness and hope.

The novel is paced well and easy to follow. It is an enjoyable book and is recommended to the readers of action and suspense fiction. I look forward to Julie Cave’s next book. – Anita Tiemeyer,

Book Jacket:

How far will some go to silence an influential Christian voice? FBI agent Dinah Harris now has a missing person's file to go along with a bad case of alcohol abuse and the depression she cannot seem to shake. Fighting to keep her focus, she struggles to find answers for why Thomas Whitfield, the prominent Secretary of the Smithsonian has vanished from his office with foul play almost guaranteed. Whitfield's body is eventually found, and Dinah is drawn into a frightening conspiracy, as more people begin to die, and Whitfield's faith is revealed as part of the motive behind his murder. Dinah finds troubling answers in an academic world filled with powerful financial endowments and a virulent opposition to the faith Whitfield only recently found. Can she reveal the truth before she finds herself the next silenced victim of a ruthless, unseen enemy? First in a powerful new fiction trilogy!