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Trade Paperback
80 pages
Dec 2010
Master Books

The Case of the Missing Mountain

by Kim Jones

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Perhaps itís that longest month of the school year and you need a boost to your science program to get you through. Perhaps itís the end of the school year and you want to close the year on an upbeat note in science. Master Books may offer just what you were looking for with The Case of the Missing Mountain by Kim Jones. Aimed at middle schoolers and junior highers, The Case of the Missing Mountain teaches about the scientific findings from the Mount St. Helens eruption and compares it to Noahís flood.

Using mazes, various puzzles and ciphers, crossword puzzles, and experiments that look messy and fun, Jones teaches scientific vocabulary, geology, and some fantastic new findings. Ranger Jack and Ranger Jen, who guide the search, discover clues to substantiate young earth creationism and to explain how that Mt. St. Helens is rewriting evolutionary explanations of the old earth beliefs.

The paperback book contains colorful illustrations and photographs in its eight chapters. It ends with the plan of salvation, some volcano jokes, and offers a reward online for completion of the book and a couple of extra projects. It encourages students to memorize verses about volcanoes from Isaiah 64:1-2, Micah 1:4, Psalm 104:32, and Psalm 46:1-3.

Anything about Mt. St. Helens makes interesting reading, but this format aims to capture childrenís interest. My ten-year-old daughter and seven-year-old grandson competed to see who could claim this book as soon as it came, so it has child appeal. I recommend it and am considering ending my school year with it.ó Debbie W. Wilson,

Book Jacket:

A mountain is missing and it?s your job to find out how it disappeared!

Kids, grab your caps and team up with rangers Jack and Jen to solve The Case of the Missing Mountain. Complete the puzzles, master the mazes, and secure the secret codes. Solve all eight mysteries to become an official Mystery Ranger. Your personalized badge & certificate are waiting!

This 80-page activity book for children teaches young earth creation concepts. Author Kim Jones formerly served as a guide at Mount St. Helen?s Seven Wonders Museum. She worked with many other experts to compile the facts for this title.