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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Mar 2011
New Leaf Publishing

The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions

by Ray Comfort

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A few weeks ago, a young man at work actually confronted my husband about evolution. He even brought up the clichéd question about where Cain found his wife. Not content with one losing question, he kept challenging my man with question after question about the creation/evolution controversy. My husband had put together a creation seminar twenty-plus years ago, so nothing stumped him. I wondered if I would have done as well. If you wonder the same thing, you might want to read The Defender’s Guide for Life’s Toughest Questions by Ray Comfort.

Comfort, an author, co-host of a radio and television program, and creation apologist, has compiled a list of questions about evolution, creation, and Christianity, with answers to help readers rise to the challenge of answering life’s tough questions. These are questions he has been asked personally or on his blog, Atheist Central. He divides the book into sections on humanity, the Bible, science, philosophy, and religion. Some of the questions are straightforward; others are rude, but Comfort has an answer for each. He includes two appendices, one on comments by atheists, the second a response to a YouTube video entitled “10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer.”

Here is a sample of the questions Comfort deals with:

  • Do you believe the Holocaust was God’s punishment of the Jews?
  • Why does God not heal amputees?
  • How did the 16,000 or so creatures on Noah’s ark become the 1.4 million species today?
  • Considering that God made the world and the universe in six days and considering He created Adam at about 4004 B.C., why is it that scientists say that the most distant stars are over 20,000 light years away?
  • What do Darwin’s personal views on race have to do with our modern understanding of evolution?
  • If someone stood by and watched a (little) girl be raped and did nothing they would be as bad as the rapist. Your God is said to sit by and watch endless harm that could be prevented like some sick and cowardly voyeur. I would call such a creature evil, so why would I worship it, even if it were real?

Comfort answers each question respectfully and with a concern for the questioner. One of the mainstays of his answers is that evolutionists believe everything came from nothing. His overwhelming concern for his reader comes across strongly, but he does not fudge the truth in order to appeal to the readers. He takes a firm stand, thereby helping the readers and those of us seeking good answers to hard questions. He utilizes quotations from evolutionists which undermine their arguments and Scripture from Genesis 1:1 through much of the Bible, such as Psalm 14:1; Romans 1:21-22; John 8:31-32; Colossians 2:8; and Isaiah 59:1-2.

Comfort’s responses do encourage the believer to stand for his faith. After reading it, my husband said, “I feel so much more confident. As Comfort says, when you boil the theory of evolution down to evolutionists believing that everything comes from nothing, you realize how empty it is.” – Debbie W. Wilson,

Book Jacket:

It's tough to be a believer in today's world- especially if you are a student in an academic system intent on destroying your faith. Bestselling author and television co-host, Ray Comfort, has collected some of the toughest questions people will face in defending their faith and offers sound biblical responses. Each issue is one that has been raised by genuine atheists. Don't be without these powerful facts when you face a world trying to twist and confuse biblical truth.

The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions discusses topics such as:

1. Humanity: Rights and Suffering
2. The Bible: Biblical and Theological Issues
3. Science: Scientific Thought and Evolution
4. Philosophy: Beliefs and Worldviews
5. Religion: God and Atheism

When an atheist wants an answer, will you have one?

Any Christians out there want to take on why the Bible has such a low opinion of women?
What is wrong with using 'filthy language'? Biblically or otherwise?
Do you really believe the Holocaust was God's punishment of the Jews?

Ray Comfort tackles these questions and many more in The Defender's Guide for Life's Toughest Questions. Learn how to approach these types of questions with confidence, biblical truth, and loving kindness!