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Trade Paperback
96 pages
Oct 2011
Master Books

Answers Book for Teens Vol. 1

by Bodie Hodge & Tommy Mitchell

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My son recently told me that their church had lost about half of the current generation of young people. Some churches have lost even more. Why? One recent survey shows that a lot of young people have problems with some of the major questions of life: the nature of God, the Bible, evolution, judgment, sex, and salvation. Bodie Hodge, Tommy Mitchell, and Ken Ham answer some of these questions in Answers Book for Teens.

Following an introduction addressed more to adults than to kids, the book is aimed at young people from high school through college. Written in a conversational style, each chapter deals with one question and the issues surrounding it, such as “If God’s really so great, why does He let so much pain and bad stuff happen in the world like earthquakes, floods, and wars?” The authors answer the fifteen different questions directly with anecdotes, Scriptures from Genesis 1:3 through I John 3:5, scientific evidence, history, statistics, and the Human Genome Project. They discuss students’ rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution. They provide good answers on sex.

The vibrant, colorful artwork, different font sizes, and fairly short blocks of writing should appeal to young people. This book would serve well for reading alone by teens or for covering in Sunday school or youth group although the leader would have to come up with his own questions. This is a non-saccharine, straight-forward attempt to give honest answers to young people who have a variety of questions about God and faith. It is certainly not your traditional Sunday school curriculum, but that may be one of its appeals. – Debbie W. Wilson,

Book Jacket:

There’s no mistake...God is seeking you.

Friends, teachers, and the world in general will tell you that Christianity and faith is a lie. Atheism and Eastern religions are more fashionable. The culture tells you to look and act certain ways or people will think you’re a loser or weird. If you say you believe in God, you can expect people to be in your face, doing their best to tear down God, the Bible, and your belief in Christ.

By now, you may even have a few doubts – everything seems so crazy and pointless, how can you believe God really does care about what is going on with you? Or if God is in charge of this chaos called life?

You aren’t the only one with questions! Find great answers to 15 popular faith questions and discover why the world is such a mess, why you can believe in Christ, and why God wants a relationship with you!