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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Aug 2011
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Begin: A Journey Through Scriptures for Seekers and New Believers

by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

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Begin, put out by Answers in Genesis, is a summary of the Bible. It was written as an explanatory guide for people unfamiliar with the Bible, introducing and previewing God’s Word, and explaining the gospel from the beginning.

This biblical tour begins in Genesis 1-11, and then moves to the Ten Commandments, the Gospel of John, the book of Romans, and Revelation 21-22. Each section begins by explaining the context. These authors are definitely qualified, most holding doctorates in scientific fields, and all being biblical scholars.

One of Begin’s authors summarizes its purpose in the foreword: “This book…seeks to give the vital message in summary form so that people will get a ‘big picture’ understanding of the gospel—and be challenged to recognize their need of receiving Christ into their life as Lord and Savior.” The book delivers on this promise, and it also provides helpful and challenging explanations, side notes, and questions, including ten answers printed in the back of the book to scientific controversies about Genesis.

Altogether, this book is a well-assembled and insightful look at the gospel. It explains and argues key points and issues clearly and validly. Begin is excellent for those new to the gospel and those seeking understanding of both the overall unity and scientific legitimacy of the Bible. – Carlita Stewart,

Book Jacket:

Begin is a journey through the Scriptures designed to help someone simply understand the structure and context of the Bible. Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge compiled this critical resource which brings to light often difficult concepts through easy-to-understand commentary. Readers will enjoy a quick and concise presentation of the following core concepts with a brief summary of events and history in-between Genesis 1- 11 (The Foundation), Exodus 20:1-17 (The 10 Commandments), John (The Gospel), Romans (An Epistle from Paul to the Christians), and Revelation 21-22 (The Fulfillment in Heaven).

New believers, seekers, and even skeptics can use Begin as a first step to building a consistent study of God’s Word. It is not intended to replace the Bible but to serve as a supplemental resource. Pastors and teachers will find this book helpful when leading congregants and students into a greater understanding and focus on the infallible message of God.