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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Jan 2009
21st Century Christian

Deceiving Winds - Christians Navigating the Storm of Mysticism, Leadership Struggles & Sensational Worship

by Bruce Morton

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Using the metaphor of a ship nearing its demise, Bruce Morton’s book, Deceiving Winds, examines today’s society in light of Paul’s letters to the church at Ephesus. Before the waves can entirely damage the ship, Morton attempts to expose what lies underneath. He looks at topics such as cult worship, religious practices, societal problems, spiritual warfare, and church and family issues.

Morton -- who has attended seminary, has his master’s degree in social work, and serves as a deacon at his church -- delves into the study of the time period and society in which Paul was writing. He reveals various aspects of Dionysus and Artemis worship that he says have made similar appearances in our American culture. He proposes that what may seem harmless to us can actually be detrimental to our testimonies and dishonoring to God. This book reflects what is written in Ephesians 6:12, where it says, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Morton supports his points and his in-depth study of problems within the church by referencing passages of Scripture throughout his book. Deceiving Winds is a structured and detailed book that gives readers issues to think about. One weakness is that whereas the book warns its audience to be aware of the dangers surrounding them, it never offers advice on how to overcome or combat these attacks. Also, while Morton has good points, there are a few issues that feel like a bit of a stretch, especially when drawing “identical” parallels between ancient cultures and contemporary American society.

I recommend this book with some precautions. Deceiving Winds would be best read among a group where discussion and different viewpoints could add to a better analysis of the book’s material. This could be of interest to pastors and biblical teachers as well. Despite some of its edgy content, this book will give readers food for thought. – Rachel Vachon,

Book Jacket:

Is the church adapting to remain relevant to our culture today, or are we simply repeating the same abuses of worship found in the first century?

Travel back in time to ancient Ephesus, where Paul’s letters to the Christians there will help us to see the parallels between our time now and the first century.

Bruce Morton applies insights from historical research to many of today’s most discussed topics, such as postmodernism and the reality of evil, the lure of sensational worship, our view of Christ and His church, and the role of women. Also includes questions for class study and discussion.