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160 pages
Jun 2004
New Leaf Press

The Gay Agenda

by Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd

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Senior pastor of a mega-church, dynamic Christian TV personality, and communication skills teacher Dr. Ronnie Floyd reaches out to homosexuals and their families via his successful Bible-based ministry predicated on God’s truth and His love. Floyd brings all this expertise to bear in The Gay Agenda. This outspoken book looks at the whole story. Not afraid to name sin as sin, and Christ as the only Savior, neither is Floyd afraid to point out where the church has erred.

Opening with the deepening divisions within the family, the church, and the nation caused by this small minority's gay lobby, amply providing proof of his statements, Floyd advances carefully and thoroughly into his subject. He looks at problems on both sides of the debate. He provides a detailed explanation of the Gay Agenda and the chaos we are now facing throughout our whole society, including marriage, education, adoption, gay rights, redefining truth, and moral relativism. An up-to-the-minute book, Floyd even gives information gleaned from 2004 campaign speeches of Kerry and Bush. He addresses Bible issues in conjunction with the ever-steepening decline of our culture. Closing with a look at Christ-centered actions, and a strong declaration of the Bible’s authority, the final chapter provides shrewd proposals for Christian action. The Endnotes epilog offers proofs for the information in this book and makes a good list for further reading.

Clearly stated, forthrightly written, The Gay Agenda provides much information for all Christians, from the pew to the pulpit. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

As same-sex “unions” and court challenges to the bans on these unions sweep the country, reasoned voices from the Church are needed. Now, one has emerged to expose the agenda that the homosexual lobby is trying to impose on society. Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd tackles the problems confronting the traditional family with this issue — in schools, the workplace, the church, and even within your home. Revealing the progress the gay agenda has already made, Dr. Floyd also examines the legal background and challenges dominating media reports almost daily. Floyd highlights why Christians need to be aware of this issue and its assault upon the faith, as well as showing from Scripture that the homosexual lifestyle is definitely at odds with God’s plan for the family. With a balanced, methodical, and loving manner, Floyd issues an urgent call to pastors, parents, and educators: passive response won’t work — only prayer and engagement with the issues will be effective.