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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Jul 2004
AMG Publishers

For Women Only: God's Design for Female Sxuality & Intimacy

by Dr. Shay Roop

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For Women Only by Dr. Shay Roop is a frank look at female sexuality and marital intimacy from many angles. She states, "He (God) never meant for sex to be everything in marriage, but certainly he designed it as one type of "glue" that enhances that divine amalgamation...I believe Jesus brings abundant life (John 10:10) to all areas of our being. It's time to have it more abundantly in the realm of our sexuality."

Dr. Roop covers the psychology, physiology, complexity, and enrichment of sex. Using actual cases from her practice as examples, she illustrates how sexual problems are caused by faulty parental relationships, lack of understanding gender differences, hormonal problems, and illness.

She states that just as we grow physically from child to adult, we need to mature in God to become a strong individual. When we don't, our relationships with the opposite sex suffer greatly. Using I Corinthians 13, she gives the litmus test of love versus dependency.

She comically lists ten differences between men and women from the number of items each has in the bathroom to the way each thinks--women being emotional and men logical. But the whole point is that "God made us different, not to make our lives difficult, but to complement each other."

Through the whole book, Dr. Roop emphasizes communication. But again, we have to realize that the two genders communicate differently. They even hear the same statements differently because of their different thinking processes. She spends time in each chapter giving examples of ways to communicate better with our spouses and they with us.

She covers the stages of lovemaking and explains the ways our hormonal changes can effect our sexual desire, our energy and sense of well-being, and our physical responses to touch. She discusses other physical and mental blockages that can hinder having pleasurable sex, along with offering suggestions for alleviating them.

Healthy sexual intimacy is a vital part of any marriage. This book is a "how to" book but even more so it is designed to enhance the sexuality of both partners by helping us understand better how and why we respond to each other as we do.

This is a book "for women, about women by a woman". It would make a great gift for someone contemplating marriage or an "over the hill" gift to any thinking their sex life may be headed that way. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

For Women Only is written to women about women--by a woman. It's designed to cover all areas of female sexuality in an in-depth readable style using case studies, humor, and interesting information to enlighten women as to their God-give sexuality. Since the worst enemy of good sex is silence, this book breaks through barriers to illuminate women on topics not usually discussed or aired in Christian circles.

For Women Only is intended to inspire, inform, and educate women as to their God-given sexual birthright. Many women suffer in silence leading lives of quiet sexual speration, not knowing where to turn. This book liferates women from myths and misconceptions about their sexuality. It breaks through barriers of silence to bring revelation and illumination regarding intimacy. It tells the stories of women's fears, feelings, confusion, desires, and doubts.

Women need to know about bonding needs, genuine love versus dependency, and major gender differences as well as why their body works the way it does, and how to handle sexual problems. By taking the sexual communication quiz and learning the secrets to magnificent monogomy, women can have guaranteed satisfaction in their intimacy.