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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Oct 2004
AMG Publishers/Living Ink

Committed But Flawed

by Cecil Murphey

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Committed but Flawed: Seeking New Ways to Grow Spiritually is the latest book out by Cecil Murphey. This book speaks to the problem many Christians feel, that is, even after years of following Christ, they do not feel close to Him. Mr. Murphey says the old answers to the question of how we can get closer to God did not cut it with him. He tried but still felt lacking.

Mr. Murphey has written some wonderful books, including the biography of Dr. Ben Carson. Cecil Murphey served for six years as a missionary to Kenya, East Africa, a pastor in the Atlanta area for 14 years and a professor at a Bible college for 18 years. He has written over 95 books, some under pen names, many ghostwritten.

In his writing you can sense that he is no run-of-the-mill Christian. He follows hard after God and has learned how to grow. He studies Biblical characters, looking at their attributes as well as their faults. He then prays to have that person’s desirable characteristics.

Each of the book’s 25 segments encompasses a different person, and ends with a prayer. Mr. Murphey calls this the “shorthand method” of prayer. Here is one example: “I am John Mark. I have failed and made mistakes. I am also forgiven and I am loved. Remind me that when I confess my failure, You forgive me and make me stronger for the next test.”

The book is easy to read, the method is well presented, and I found it made me re-examine the way I think about persons in the Bible. I now look for the traits that I should admire and try to be Christ-like by following His followers. I would recommend this book to any Christian who is frustrated in his walk with God—who finds himself yearning for more godliness in his life. It could also be adapted for use as a group Bible study book for teen and adult men. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Murphey writes of his ongoing hunger for more of God in his life. During the first years after his conversion, he yearned for a closer relations-*hip. He practiced all the standard methods of spiritual growth, such as Bible reading, prayer, and active involvement with other Christians. Yet the hunger persisted.

Over the years, he has continued to seek ways to enhance his spiritual growth. Others often advised, “Be like Jesus.” He believes it’s impossible to emulate the Sinless One. Instead, in his search for spiritual growth, Murphey found one method that works for him.

As he read in the Bible about the committed-but-flawed people, he became aware of spiritual qualities they exemplified. Each day in prayer, he focuses on specific qualities of the biblical characters and chooses qualities he lacks in his life. This becomes a significant request in his daily prayer time.