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288 pages
Oct 2003
Frontier Research Publications

Creation: Remarkable Evidence of Godís Design

by Grant R. Jeffrey

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An immediately interesting book, Creation - Remarkable Evidence of Godís Design disproves evolution by presenting eye-opening proofs for the scientific validity and purposeful designs God wove into creation. This data ranges from the sophisticated navigation system of the bat to Earthís balanced temperature maintained by its precise circular orbit and its 93 million mile distance from the sun; from the human blood refinery, the liver, to the patterns controlling weather. Dr. Jeffrey pulls his proofs from todayís leading scientists, both creationists and evolutionists, working in fields such as astronomy, molecular biology, zoology, anthropology, chemistry, and physics. Creation Ė Remarkable Evidence starts with the wonders of Godís creation, then tracks evidence provided by astronomy, the Anthropic Principle, and human physiology. Next, Dr. Jeffrey looks at the collapse of evolution and the scientific validity of the Bible. He sums up the contents by looking at the relationship between God and man. Each chapter ends with pertinent footnotes. A center section of color drawings and photos adds value and a concluding bibliography encourages further reading.

A leading authority on Bible prophecy and apologetics as well as a prolific author, Dr. Jeffrey presents his data clearly, in language understandable to the non-professional. All scientific statements are amply annotated. King James Version scripture backs up Dr. Jeffreyís assertions. This is a multi-purpose book: a research tool; a study book for church groups and individuals; a book of examples for teachers, preachers, parents and others. Creation Ė Remarkable Evidence is recommended for middle school through adult readers, and for multi-generational reading groups. -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

There is an unprecedented revolution taking place in the viewpoint of the worldís leading scientists regarding the nature of the universe and whether or not there is a Creator.

Fifty years ago the vast majority of scientists believed that science had eliminated the need for a Creator. They believed that the universe had always existed, and therefore there was no need to explain its beginning.

However, a remarkable revolution has occurred during the last half century in the world of science. Scientists have discovered overwhelming evidence that supports the intelligent design of our universe and life itself. Over 40 percent of the leading US scientists now believe in a personal God who created the universe and answers our prayers.

In Creation: Remarkable Evidence of Godís Design, Grant Jeffrey explores this revolution and makes it understandable to the layman.

He begins by taking an eye-opening survey of Godís wondrous creation, displayed in the glorious diversity of life in the sea, in the air, and on land. He then explores fascinating new discoveries in astronomy, the astonishing nature of the atom, and the remarkable discovery of genetic transmission through DNA.

Finally, he exposes the scientific fraud of atheistic evolution in the statements of leading evolutionists who now admit that the theory of evolution could never have happened.

The research in Creation will strengthen your faith in Godís creation and will restore a sense of wonder as you contemplate the glories of Godís design.