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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Jul 2006
MileStones International Publishers

Overcoming Emotional Baggage

by Gladys Famoriyo

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In Overcoming Emotional Baggage: a Woman’s Guide to Living the Abundant Life, Gladys Famoriyo attempts to push the premise that women are easily forced into dealing with modern life by becoming a fake version of femininity that has been developed over time. Citing the genuinely feminine woman God made at the time of creation, Famoriyo states that modern women as a whole have lapsed into a deadly compromise; this “female hybrid,” as Famoriyo calls it, is a supposedly inauthentic woman because of her out-of-control emotional baggage. Dealing with past emotional problems and drawing strength from God to be wise about our situations while still maintaining feminine vulnerability is the only way Gladys Famoriyo says that women will be able to break free from the phenomenon of the female hybrid.

Though Famoriyo is a lauded public speaker and life coach, it seems she has little experience on which to draw when writing this book. In Overcoming Emotional Baggage, Famoriyo refers to several personal crises that may cause an authentic woman to become a female hybrid, but she has only a few of her own, mostly related to issues of professional burnout and mixed-up priorities. Using these scenarios from her own life and attempting to broaden them to apply to the more personal issues that often cause emotional baggage is ineffective at best, and could easily make readers of this book feel that Famoriyo is minimizing their problems.

Aside from the weak comparisons Famoriyo uses, her book too often relies upon ultra-trendy Christian terms and bafflingly positive modern slang to make her points, when the substance of the book fails to achieve its purpose. While Famoriyo attempts to be inspirational, her book severely lacks practical instruction for helping women do what the title suggests. Overcoming Emotional Baggage includes many probing questions and long lists of problematic signs, but fails to provide Famoriyo's readers with a single, concise list of steps for action toward the stated goal. In short, the book comes across as an overly-positive substitute for a pity party hosted by a woman who shares almost no problems of her own, let alone successful coping strategies by which to fix them. For readers who genuinely want to overcome emotional baggage, this book might provide a basic step but not a long-lasting impact. – Meg D. R. Tepfer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

On their personal journeys to success, many women have been caught sprinting on the treadmills of life. This fast-paced lifestyle has meant that many of us rarely slow down, much less take time out to deal with the emotional baggage we have accumulated from our childhood or our day-to-day experiences. Couple this with a failure to nurture our entire being on a consistent basis, instead of the vibrant women God created, we see the proliferation of a pale copy of the original: the Female Hybrid.

Women who have been entangled in the female hybrid traps quickly discover their personal effectiveness and productivity diminishes, as they live unbalanced, unfulfilled, stressed, unhappy and purposeless lives marred with an inability to fully realize their inherent potential and freely be the women God created them to be. More often than not, they become prone to addictive, compulsive or impulsive behaviours, which in turn makes all their efforts at succeeding in life, counter productive. While they may experience spouts of success, real, lasting success eludes those who deviate from the path God has set out for them.