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304 pages
Oct 2004
Lewis & Roth Publishers

OOPS! I Forgot My Wife: A Story of Commitment as Marriage and Self-Centeredness Collide

by Doyle Roth

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Oops! I Forgot My Wife proves to be a helpful book that contends self-centeredness dooms many marriages. Doyle Roth hopes to help men strengthen and preserve or restore their marriages by overcoming this fault. The book’s dust cover depicts a cartoon of a rancher driving away from Lazy-U Ranch with his angry wife pictured in his rear view mirror.

The book is unusual in that it is laid out as a series of emails between three couples about their marriages. One has a restored marriage, one a long-lasting but still problematic marriage, and one a seemingly beyond-repair marriage. Through the emails, the author gives a good look at the lives of these people, by which he teaches that husbands should be teachers, leaders, and protectors of their wives. The author also teaches that men need to honestly assess if they are selfish or selfless. Are they self-centered, self-absorbed, self-righteous, self-willed, self-serving, self-indulgent, self-deceived, self-ambitious, self-satisfied or self-exalting?

Roth, who has been married for forty years and has thirty years of experience in marriage counseling, uses Scriptures and cartoons to enliven the material and tells a story to make the advice more palatable. He uses Scripture skillfully and liberally in teaching about marriage. The book is definitely written for men, and gives sound scriptural advice that is realistic and useful. No pie-in-the-sky or stained-glass religious solutions.

The writer has fashioned his story characters after the main types of attitudes men often exhibit. In a Hank the Cow Dog-humor style or a Foxworthy (“You Might be a Redneck”) writing style, he presents truth that many men would not read if it came in too fine and fancy a package. The story is intense enough to keep the reader moving through the book to learn of each development.

I would recommend this book to my sons-in-law who seem to struggle with many of these problems, and who could find in its pages biblical solutions to some of the conflicts their marriages suffer. I would recommend it to my sons who want to have strong, lasting marriages, but may not believe them to be possible in these times. I recommend the book highly to men who desire to seek out the sin in their hearts that are keeping their marriages from growing and blooming as God intends. For myself, a woman, who has been a wife for 33 years, reading this book helped me to glean insights into causes of marital discord and to recognize self-centeredness in my own heart that needs addressing. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Most men prefer novels to textbooks.

That’s why this marriage book takes the form of a story. Told through an exchange of emails, it follows the adventures and misfortunes of a guy who is so bad at husbanding he wakes up one morning on the brink of divorce. Only then does he learn what it really means to “love your wife as Christ loves the church.”

We often think of marriage problems in terms of in-laws, finances, fidelity, or personality clashes. But these issues trace back to a simpler source. It’s called self-centeredness and few men leave it behind at the altar. So how do you help a guy begin thinking about his wife more than his highness? Oops! I Forgot My Wife is a good place to start — it’s a marriage book for men who don’t like marriage books. It tells the story of one man’s marriage, flaws and all. It’s not pretty or sanitized, but any man willing to examine his heart will see the truth in the story and benefit from it.

There’s also another reason to take a look. Oops! was written by a church elder who has been successfully counseling couples for over thirty years using the truth of Scripture and the love of Christ. The story presented in this book serves as a great example of how godly men in local churches can use biblical wisdom to bless troubled couples.

An ideal book for any man who could use a few pointers but doesn’t like to study, Oops! I Forgot My Wife has also proven helpful when placed in the hands of a loving wife . . .