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Trade Paperback
27 pages
Sep 2006
Evangelical Press

Baptism and Church Membership for Everyday Life

by Bill James

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Our Baptist friends in Great Britain have provided us with this succinct and useful 27-page booklet: Baptism and Church Membership for Everyday Life. As the title states, this information is for your regular life not just for religious meetings. The Introduction gives a good picture of baptism by immersion, its scriptural basis, and how it leads into church membership. The chapter on baptism looks at the why, who, and what, constantly referring to Scripture. The chapter on church membership looks at the church itself, universal and local, defines membership and what it entails, ending with a discussion about choosing a church to join. Again, Scripture is prolifically used.

A compact 8 x 5 inch book, Baptism and Church Membership will fit easily with your Bible for group or individual study. It will make a good adjunct to your church’s particular new member materials, or be usable on its own. It also provides an interesting medium for non-Baptists to learn a bit about this denomination. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Some professing Christians are drifters and wanderers. They fail to support one church with enthusiasm or consistency. They have never faced up to believers’ baptism. This book explains how, when coming face to face with Christ’s command to be baptised, believers are immediately confronted by the responsibilities of church membership. Dare we play fast and loose with the commands of Christ?