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Mass Paperback
320 pages
Aug 2004
Victor Newman Books

Air Rage

by Sam Yarney

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In Air Rage, Sam Yarney tells a story of Machiavellian politics, greed, and pre-Apocalyptic machinations. When the president of the United States turns down a secret personal request of President Zhang of China, he loses a valuable industrial agreement. Powerful economic interests in Europe eagerly snatch up the agreement and zealously try to fulfill President Zhang's request. That request will further their agenda of consolidating power in the hands of the Mighty and Strong One.

British journalist, Cyrus Anderson, is the Special Events Correspondent for PDR Direct (Pour Down Righteousness) television network. When Anderson's boss comes under pressures that may destroy PDR and bodies start piling up, Anderson tries to discover who is behind the attacks. He confronts his friend, Alain Saint-Clair, a European financial powerhouse. Instead of helping, Alain threatens him as he sends him away. Alain then calls Anderson's wife, Liddy, imploring her to keep Cyrus occupied. As Cyrus uncovers more pieces of the puzzle, he risks his life, and his family's and friends' lives.

Air Rage is an interesting story once you get into it. Yarney relies heavily on narration rather than drama and gives background information in large blocks, from the description of Zhongnanhai in the prologue, to the life story of an important secondary character, to the history of Cyrus the Great.

Yarney’s maintaining the secrecy around President Zhang's request increases suspense, as does the disappearance of another character and her daughters. The latter third of the book builds suspense as time is running out for PDR. Yarney uses a mysterious messenger to bring Cyrus information at just the right time to pursue his investigation. It begins to feel like deus ex machina after a few times. They have a question, and in rides the motorcyclist with the hints sending them in the right direction.

He does affect a surprise twist at the end, which reads like an older novel in which everyone is brought together in a room and the ends are neatly tied together, too neatly tied together. The surprise might have been more effective over all if there had been a little more foreshadowing and a little less neatness.

Cyrus is an interesting character. Yarney has set this second book up for at least one more in the series in which he leads readers to expect a more direct confrontation between Cyrus and the Mighty and Strong One. Strengthening his story telling techniques could broaden his appeal to American readers. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What invisible threads join the rising economic and political might of China to the President of the United States, a major television broadcaster and the past and present life of Cyrus Anderson, a British journalist?

In the sequel to Ninety Days, Cyrus is once again in a race against time, where failure will be costly.

Welcome to the suspense-filled odyssey where Air Rage has nothing to do with an airplane.