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Trade Paperback
487 pages
Jan 2005
American Carriage House

Adoption: Your Step-by-step Guide

by Mardie Caldwell

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If you are interested in adoption, do not let the size of Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide by Mardie Caldwell daunt you. A bibliography of useful websites takes up about half the book. Caldwell, an adoption professional, an adoptive parent, and host of radio talk show “Let's Talk Adoption,” crams the book with everything from making the decision to adopt to international adoption. She covers funding, avoiding adoption scams, developing a profile for the Internet, dealing with birth mothers, different types of adoptions, foster care children, legal issues, and government assistance.

Writing in a vibrant, friendly style, she provides guidance and suggests web resources and some books. Large margins promote note taking. Caldwell frequently breaks up the white space with boxes of anecdotes, suggested resources, or items to consider.

Though dealing primarily with adopting newborns, she introduces adoptions of foreign children, special needs children, and children in foster care. She gives some suggestions about adjusting after the adoption, but her thrust is pre-adoptive help. For the adoptions mentioned above and for post-adoption help you may wish to read other materials.

As a prospective, pre-adoptive parent, I find the book helpful. Caldwell has compiled a tremendous list of resources for Canadian and US prospective parents. Under her adoption hotlinks, she lists websites and books for over 200 pages. She divides them into nearly 30 subject areas, ranging from adoption exchanges and photo listings to travel resources. The glossary and index make this book easy to use.

Is this the only book you'll ever want to read on adoption? Probably not, but this heart-warming, adoption-friendly guide will simplify your search. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Mardie Caldwell began her adoption journey after years of struggling with infertility. At the time, there were few books or services dealing with anything other than traditional adoptions, which can take years even if a family meets all of the criteria.

The adoption of her son was successful, and today Mardie and her husband have four children. But Mardie experienced many challenges and heartaches before the process was finalized. She was determined to use her hard-earned knowledge to benefit others, and she began helping other families through the process.

Mardie was soon inundated with phone calls from hopeful adoptive and birth families. At the time, there were only a handful of options beyond traditional agency adoptions, and there were often few openings for older parents, parents with small budgets or parents that had other children.

In 1986, Mardie began working as an adoption facilitator. For more than 19 years, she has labored to create safer adoption methods, assuring care and concern for the personal needs of both birth parents and adoptive parents and remaining focused on the ultimate happiness and security of the child.

Adoption has changed tremendously in the last 19 years, and Mardie has created new techniques for her families with each new development. The growth of the Internet created new opportunities, but it has also created new avenues for fraud and scams. Mardie has designed strategies for determining the warning signs of Internet scams and how to protect families from fraud. As a result, her families have the full benefit of the Internet with the security of her years of experience and knowledge.

At a time when infertility is on the rise, more people hope to build their families through adoption. This inspired Mardie to write Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide. "We spent countless hours researching to provide the most effective and comprehensive guide ever created on adopting using the power of the Internet,” Mardie explains. Now, prospective adoptive parents from all over the world have at their fingertips new strategies and techniques that can make their adoption dreams come true.

Let your computer open the doors to your adoption. There is no need to wait. Begin your journey today using Mardie’s proven, safe methods for success.