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Trade Paperback
80 pages
Dec 2003
Trc Communications

Grip the Rope: Prayers for Single Mothers

by Carla Curtis

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“Carla J. Curtis's Grip the Rope is geared specifically toward single mothers. This 68-page collection has a prayer for each of the 26 alphabetically arranged chapters, dealing sequentially with ‘Anxiety,’ ‘Burnout,’ ‘Children’ and so forth. Drawing on her own experiences as a single mom, Curtis encourages her audience to ‘change the 'give up' mindset through prayer’ (18).

“Writing in an utterly down-to-earth manner, Curtis provides prayers that are written in a style that is deeply personal; however, the book deals with subjects of such universal significance, anyone would be touched by it. Curtis is the coauthor of A Single Woman's Parenting Journey: Survival Tidbits, and her sincere passion for her subject matter, that of encouraging single mothers through prayer, is evident in her writing. Curtis presents an applicable Bible verse at the beginning of each topical prayer. She cites, for example, ‘But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ,’ from I Corinthians 15:57, to introduce a prayer for ‘Victory’ in everyday life.

“Obviously, this book has a narrow target market, but Curtis knows the need of that market and addresses it fluently. The book has some syntax awkwardness and a few problems here and there with grammar, but it nevertheless is a good tool for women who are fighting the daily battles of a mundane life and feelings of futility.” -- Lia Angell, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Grip the Rope: Prayers for Single Mothers, contains powerful, comforting and topical prayers written specifically for single mothers, although women from all walks of life can benefit from reading this wonderful spiritual tool. This book has a prayer for each letter of the alphabet addressing various issues that single mothers can choose from to make their time in prayer more reassuring. Reading the prayers in this book can simply provide encouragement for single mothers to refocus, refuel and release during those times when they are feeling overwhelmed and disheartened.