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Trade Paperback
258 pages
Feb 2006
Dragon Slayer Publications

My 101 Favorite Marriage Myths

by Dr. Pat M. Boone

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Although the self-published book My 101 Favorite Marriage Myths by Dr. Pat MacDonald Boone may seem hefty at 257 pages, it contains nothing too heavy, psychological, or earth shaking. Each little vignette has a cartoon by Casey Koester, and is followed by an empty page so that the reader can write in his or her own reactions and comments. Most of the "myths" are just common sense responses to old sayings or out-dated concepts.

The key to understanding this book is that Boone's main function is to point out some marriage myths, not necessarily to provide advice on how to overcome them. For example, in responding to the myth "Two Can Live as Cheaply as One," Boone points out that people often have different eating habits (one likes hamburgers, another steaks), hygiene habits (one smokes, another does not), and hobbies (one likes puzzles, another yachts). Her solution is to try to make each spouse agree to a spending limit and then to report to the other spouse whenever one intends to exceed that limit. There is nothing in here about budgeting, working overtime, or setting financial goals. Each myth buster runs about 400 words.

The list of the 101 myths is kind of cute, if you are old enough to appreciate them and agree with them: "Pregnancy is Wonderful," "Parenting is Normal, So We'll Know What to Do," "Growing Old Together is Fun" and "Living with In-Laws is a Good Way to Save Money." Boone debunks these and many other illogical and incorrect commonly held beliefs. She has few insights on how to change things, but she can warn you ahead not to put stock in them. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Drawing from unforeseen tragedies in her own life as well as from her professional training, Dr. Pat Boone addresses unrealistic expectations, both conscious and unconscious, that tear holes in the marriage fabric. Using humor, cartoons, thought-provoking questions and, sometimes, even simple suggestions and solutions, this book will focus your thoughts on the greatest investment you will ever make -- your marriage.