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Trade Paperback
153 pages
Jul 2005
By the Book Media

All in Good Time

by Debbie Williams

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Phone calls…emails…client meetings. Couple that with toddler snacks, soccer cleats, and spelling tests. How do working moms fit it all in? In her book, All in Good Time, professional organizer Debbie Williams explains it’s possible only with God’s help. And it’s not only possible, it’s fantastic!

The foundation of a stable work-at-home business rests on the solid footing of well-defined priorities, Williams says. Each chapter deals with an important issue for work-at-home moms, such as developing routines and managing time. As a syndicated columnist, radio host, and seminar leader, Williams has taught thousands of women how to organize their homes and schedules to make time for what matters most.

Through putting God first, family second, and work third, moms can learn to take control of the virtual doors and windows that demand their time and attention. Debbie offers a bounty of practical advice, along with profiles of real professionals who live out her philosophies.

Ultimately, when setting goals and priorities, she says it’s not peers or a fancy PDA that set the agenda. Instead, she tells readers to see God as their Business Manager. “He has an aerial view of things now and to come, and will guide our steps on a direct path if we but ask Him each day.” This is a great book for every woman who wonders how in the world she can work, play, and serve others – all under one roof.” – Heather Lynn Ivester, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Do you dream of leaving a stressful commute behind? Would you like to work from the comfort of your own home? You really can have the good life, and spend more time with your family focusing on what matters most.

If you’ve discovered that doing things by the book hasn’t quite delivered the results you envisioned for your home business, perhaps you aren’t living by the right book! Once you choose to make God your manager, and go to Him first for all your decisions, you’ll struggle less and relax more.

All in Good Time is full of time-savers for the busy work-at-home mom. Whether you run a sole proprietorship or small company, Debbie’s proven time management techniques will help you calm the chaos and discover more hours in your busy day.

You’ll learn how to use the 4 Steps of AWESOME Organizing to plan, sort, organize and maintain your workspace. Once you’ve learned this practical system of organizing, you can easily conquer clutter anywhere: your papers, virtual desktop and even in your car!

Discover how to build your home business on a solid foundation, with God at the very core of your plans. Put your trust in Him, focusing on what matters most--- God, family, and then work—and soon you’ll begin to see how all the other aspects of your home business will fall into place like the pieces of a puzzle. With God’s guidance you can strive toward being the very best that you can be, for yourself, your family, and your Heavenly Father.